Friday, March 6, 2009

Are You Who I Think You Are?

I went grocery shopping last weekend. Oh, the excitement! As I was leaving the first store (yes, there was more than one store involved) I thought I saw someone I knew. I was starting to move towards her, ready to make eye contact and offer a friendly “how are you?” When she turned and I realized she wasn’t who I thought she was at all! Yet, the resemblance was uncanny…which got me pondering about this phenomenon of seeing-people-who-resemble-people I know. I do this a lot! When we first moved to Arizona, I kept seeing people who strongly resembled friends from Utah…then a few months later as we were visiting Utah, I thought I saw people from AZ…I would start to say, “Oh, there are the Awerkamps”, then I would realize WRONG STATE! Is this strange? Do other people do this? Why are there so many people that look alike?
On a different note, I also saw a lot of strange people. I was beginning to think it was “Meth Addict” shopping day. I wonder if all the stores were sold out of Triaminic?

So, while I am in a quandary over all these strange sights…who do I see walking out of Wal-Mart? Marg Helgenberger! I swear it was her, just a little blonder and a little um...trashier? Let’s say if it was her, she was definitely “slumming”, shopping at the local Wal-Mart and all. We both ended up returning our carts to the little cart return thingy at the same time…she smiled and said to me, “Oh, we are such good girls, aren’t we?” I laughed, but the whole time the dialogue in my head was something like this: “Is that her? What if it really is her? Should I say something? Should I ask her if she knows she strongly resembles Marg Hergenbelger, uh…Hershenburger….uh Hersheybar… that lady from CSI…whatever?”
Thank goodness I didn’t say anything, just laughed and smiled politely. I like to play it cool! :)

A few weeks ago, at the same Wal-Mart, I am pretty sure I saw Mike Tyson…

Pretty. Sure.

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