Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bah! Humbug!

I think I am giving Scrooge a run for his money!

It's no fun to come down with a really bad cold 3 days before Christmas...

When I just started my shopping 2 days ago (don't ask)...
When "things" are far from ready...
When it's our first year back "home" for Christmas in 4 years...
When Emily wrecked her car (she's okay, she simply slid into a curb and did LOTS of damage to the car:) and we spent several hours resolving that issue. Taking care of that kind of stuff doesn't stress me...life happens. And she is okay, which is the really, really important part.

I've just started crossing things off the list...

Clean house (why is that always the first thing to go?)
Make cookies and candy
Relax, have fun, don't be stressed (I crossed that one out with a vengance).
(There will be more lines drawn through my neatly detailed list, I'm sure of it).

I want to drink a whole entire bottle of Nyquil (not really, I'm kidding) and crawl into bed and sleep for days. But I have to take the now vehicleless girl to work bright and early tomorrow AM because the rental car won't be ready until tomorrow afternoon.

Next year...Next year will be The Year! :) This year is one to simply survive.

Earlier today, a kind, elderly man cheerfully told me; "Hang in there, it's almost over." What a lovely, Christmas sentiment! :) I'm sure it will be appearing on all sorts of Holiday Decor next year!

Thanks for listening to me ramble and whine...


  1. I right there with you! I was planning on painting my girls' playroom and organizing everything in it as a Christmas gift to them. Then my back went out on me and EVERYTHING on my list of things to get done before Christmas were crossed off. There's always next year !:) Here's to better days! :) Merry Christmas just the same.

  2. Oh, I hope you can feel well enough to enjoy Christmas. There have been 3 sudden deaths in our small community, hearts are breaking..but we are all holding each other up with the Saviors love, this love will heal the broken hearts. Try to have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS...sending love to you! Come say hi :D

  3. I hope a Christmas miracle comes your way!!!

  4. You make me laugh! Can't wait to see the beautiful Christmas card with a frazzled woman on front, thermometer in her mouth, chaos surrounding her and inside the sentiment, "Hang in there. It's almost over!"
    I hope you get feeling better.
    Have a Merry Christmas, regardless!

  5. LOL!!!! What's wrong with drinking Nyquil before bed? Cleaning the house got crossed off my list too.

  6. Hope your Christmas ended up more wonderful than it seemed it would and that you and your family spent a fun time together!

    I love your quote up at your header!!

  7. Well, I hope things got better for you. sometimes our Christmas list of things to do gets way out of hand!! good to cross out some things.
    sorry about the car
    and yes, there is always 2010 ....perhaps it will be better (but I find with each year, there are always the same amount of trials and joys dispersed)

  8. I hope you got feeling better before the New Year! Love the background on your blog.
    Hope the Scrooge was put away for the year!!!!!