Friday, April 2, 2010

ABC's of Me!

A is for age: 44

B is for burger of choice: Patty Melt (Barry's in Spanish Fork is my fave!)

C is for the car you drive: A white, 2008 GMC Envoy

D is for your dog's name: Sorry, no pets at our house.  I had a 3 legged dog named Tuffy-nutnut when I was a kid

E is for essential item you use every dayDr. Pepper,  Lotion & Burt's Bees lip balm

F is for favorite TV show at the moment: 24! And it's the last season!!!  The good news is, last season
was the first one we watched, so now we can go back and watch seasons 1-6! Yahoo

G is for favorite game: Skip-bo, Toss Up. I like most games except I don't really care for Monopoly (probably because I always lose!)

H is for home state: Utah

I is for instruments you play: Piano, but not very well!

J is for job title: Domestic Engineer & Chauffeur

K is for kids: 4~ Curtis (22) Emily (19), Spencer (15 going on 21), Shane (9 in one week)

L is for last restaurant at which you ate: La Carreta Peruvian Restaurant, for Spencer's English project. I found the food rather bland

M is for your favorite Muppet: Kermit, Grover, Elmo

N is for nicknames: I've never had a nickname, and I go by Valerie, not Val

O is for overnight hospital stays: 4~ 1 for each of my kiddos being born

P is for people you were with today: The family

Q is for what you do with your quiet time: I am unfamiliar with this term! Sleep? Clean?

R is for biggest regret: Don't really have any. I do wish I had saved a piece of the quilt Rick's grandma gave him for graduation. It wore out and I tossed it! Most of my "regrets" are things like that.

S is for status: Tired. Actually, very tired!

T is for time you woke up today: 7:15

U is for what you consider unique about yourself: I'm a good listener & can keep confidences.

V is for vegetable you love: Zucchini, broccoli and cauliflower

W is for your worst habit: Sleeping in & spending too much time on the computer

X is for x-rays you've had: Hmmm…dental, also my back, my foot, and my ankle (not at the same time)

Y is for yummy food you ate today: Left-over barbecued ribs and this yummy pasta salad. I think the feta cheese is what really takes it over the top. My kids won't eat the feta. They refuse to eat anything that smells and looks like baby spit-up. Pansies!!!  So I serve it on the side. 

Z is for zodiac: Aquarius

I meant to post this yesterday, when it seemed like a much better idea...but we were visiting the doctor's office.
Shane's been sick all week, with a mild virus.  He thinks our doctor is the coolest because after listening to Shane's stomach and bowel sounds, he predicted mild diarrhea would be next.  Later, Shane informed me that "Mr. P" (the doctor) was right!  So, now you know!  And, Shane has pink-eye! 
March totally kicked my butt, however April seems to be starting out much better. Sore throat, stomach ache, diarrhea, pink-eye...and that's just the beginning of yesterday's adventures! It doesn't get much better than this folks!  Whatever. 


  1. Well...get well soon, thats a lot of stuff! And have a great conf. weekend...come say hi :D

  2. I loved reading that about you. Fun to get to know you better.
    Love your blog page! The colors rock.

    Have a wonderful Easter weekend. Hopefully in your part of Utah it isn't snowing.

    Here: blowing freezing AND snowing. Ugh.


  3. I love these things because then I get to know more about ya!

    Ok.. girl.. we started 24 Season 1 last summer.. and it all went out the window from there! Season 1 is one of my VERY-VERY favorites! You've gotta go back and watch them all!!! I think this season is the worst one so far.. I don't like the double agent girl..:(
    We're still watching though!

    Make sure when you re-watch the seasons that you watch the mini-movie they put out between seasons 5 or 6? Or maybe 6 and 7?

    Anyways.. come by and chat with me after you see the seasons! Woot!

    PS: Sorry about all of the sickness... :(
    This weather on top of that makes it triple yuck! Hope you can find some joy this weekend!

  4. Tuffy nut-nut? That's quite a name! Fun reading more about you! Just when you think you know someone, you find out she's 44! :)
    So sorry about the illness. Yeah, Dr. P is truly a genius!
    Hope you have a fabulous weekend. I think General Conference cures everything!

  5. How cool to learn new things about people! Happy Easter!

  6. You're going to make MY pasta salad?! I'm so flattered! :) yay! Fun to learn more about you! Have a great Easter/Conference weekend!