Friday, August 6, 2010

Odds and Ends July Edition

First off, thank you, thank you, thank you for all your kind words when Amy passed away.  Thanks for reading her blog...and for reading mine too! 

Next:  I am feeling much better after my 2 month bout with Labyrinthitis/Vertigo. I still have an "episode" of dizziness once in a while, but otherwise am finally pretty much back to normal.  I will say, it lasted much longer than I had hoped!!!  Nasty, nasty stuff.

Some more pictures of Summer Evening Fun at Strawberry

This time it was just Shane, Rick and me.  The guys caught 8 or so fish this trip.  They were all small, so no pictures.  They all were released back into the reservoir.


  1. Valerie my jaw dropped when I read your post. I also suffer with Lab/Vertigo and just finished a 3 week bout with it - and still feeling if I turn my head a certain way I might fall off the edge! 2 months is a long time!!! I thought 3 weeks was bad since in the past my "episodes" have only lasted days...ugh!!
    SO GLAD to hear yours is gone now!! You ain't kidding when you say nasty stuff.

  2. Valerie....I'm SO glad that you're feeling better. I'm also glad that you have had some great support during this time.
    Love the fishing pictures!!
    Sure makes me want summer to go on forever!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
    This weekend will be my Spencer's last one, before he goes on his mission hooo.
    Miserable Joy.

  3. That dizziness must have driven you crazy! I am glad you are feeling better.

    I hope your extended family is healing well after the passing of your SIL. Do you think the speediness of her diagnosis and passing ended up being a blessing?

  4. Great pictures!
    So glad you're feeling better. I hope Amy's family will be OK. I'm sure they will be with the amount of faith they seem to have but dang, so hard to have someone move on without us!

  5. I wouldn't be able to handle that vertigo stuff! :( SO glad you're feeling better and hope it stays away!