Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Little Help, Please?

Ahhhh~ the power of blogging!

I have a little project I need some help with...

We own our own business. (I would insert a logo here...but BLOGGER isn't allowing me to upload photos today!) Blogger...I'm sticking my tongue out at you right now.

So...anyway~ we have a web page (landing page) for our business and my husband would like some feedback on it.

American Home Services, Inc.

We are in the Home Remodeling industry, and we do a couple of different things. This project involves the branch of our company that helps consumers find qualified, professional contractors for their home remodeling project.

Here's the deal. I'm asking for you to take about 5 minutes, look at the web page & answer a few questions. I am not attempting to sell you anything~ no purchase will be required or solicited. I am only asking for honest feedback & some constructive criticism.

How this will work:
Email me at allthepiecesofme(at)live(dot)com to let me know you would be willing to offer some feedback. I will send you an email back with a link to the web page and a few questions to answer.
Take a look at the web page, answer the questions and send me an email back. Easy, peasy.

The Cherry on Top: Giveaway is Now Closed. Winners will be announced this weekend. (Remember to return your feedback to me so you can be entered in the drawing. If you have requested a survey from me but haven't gotten it, please let me know!!!)

Because I love ya, and I really appreciate your help with this project, I'll be doling out a few little prizes for participators~ I'll be giving away 3 prizes

Two of: Printable of your choice from My Computer is My Canvas (excludes Gift Certificate or Pick 3,4 or 5 files)

One of:  Gift pack from Udderly Fresh Goat Milk Soap (soap, lotion bar & lip balm of your choice)

*To be entered in the drawing for prizes, you must email me back a completed feedback survey. The first 5 people to provide feedback via email will have their name entered twice.

Okay? Ready....Set...Go!


  1. I will send an email right now.

  2. I would love to help you out. Taking a peek at it right now. And will e-mail ya.

  3. I'd be glad to help. Sending an email.

  4. Valerie...
    I would love to help out..
    you know that remodeling is my thing :)
    Sending you an email now :)