Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dare I?

This set of dish towels has been languishing in the bottom of my cedar chest for nearly 30 years.

 My mother made these for me 30+ years ago.
I'm thinking it's high time they saw the light of day!

I'm just not sure I can bring myself to actually use them~ but it seems a shame for them to just sit in the bottom of my cedar chest.
(With another set of dish towels, and several sets of pillowcases!)
I figure they will either just rot away...
Or I can put them to use and enjoy them!

I have thought about framing them...but I would have to cut them down, and I'm not sure I want to do that~ they are nice, big towels!
  Right now, they are just sitting, waiting for me to decide...
Such a dilemma!


  1. I remember my grandma embroidering some pillowcases for me when I was young. I told her they were beautiful and that I would put them away where they would be safe. Immediately she told me, "No. Use them now." So, I did. They are long gone, but I definitely remember them and treasured them better that way.

    You could always take a picture of each one and frame THAT.

    I say use them. :)

  2. Go read the Velveteen Rabbit then take a deep breath and use them!!!

    I have been using some that my grandmother made when she was a teenager. They sat in her cedar chest until she died. that was a waste in my opinion. Now I use them and I think of her every time I do. The more they are used and the more worn out they become the more they are REAL. If the embroidery holds up I will cut that out and save it when the towel has reached the end of its usefulness. If not, I will let it go knowing that it was used and loved.

  3. Use them up! I have all of my grandma's dishes and just decided I am using them, even if I fear they will break!

  4. I say.. use them and enjoy them :)
    They will make you smile every time you use them, and that will be a daily gift from your mom.

  5. Those are a beautiful treasure.
    I had some flour cloth embroderied dish towels that my grandmother gave me when I was first married.
    Oh how I wish I still had them.
    THEY DO need to be displayed.
    Maybe just set them out in a pretty basket in your kitchen to be admired??

    But they need to be enjoyed in whatever way you decide.

  6. What an awesome treasure to have and love!

  7. They're darling! What a great keepsake! I wonder if you could display them in your kitchen but not use them...maybe hang them somewhere out of the way where you can see them but the fam won't be tempted to dirty them up. :) It does seem a shame to keep them packed away, but I would have mixed feelings also. Good luck!

  8. Remember last year when I wrote about my cedar chest? Well, those dish towels I got out (and used) are looking pretty used now! I'm glad I used them. I like Julie's idea of taking a picture of them and framing them.

  9. I'm finally at a point of my life I'm gonna use the things I cherish along with the good dishes.

    Those are some wonderful dishtowels sweetie.

    God bless and have an amazin' day!!! :o)

  10. My mother in law was very talented with a crochet hook at her prime. She made me beautiful baby afghans. One day she asked me why she had not seen me use them. I told her I was saving them. She got very disgusted and told me to stop it.
    Now the babies are big, they afghans are worn and I am so glad I enjoyed them. Could you make an apron out of one so that it would last a little longer? Would that help?
    Either way, enjoy!

  11. I would save one or two and use the rest! That way.. another generation can enjoy them too! ♥

  12. Those are so cute!!!!
    Such a great bunch of patterns.
    I love it.

  13. I thought I had already left a comment! Those are so cute! At least display them.

  14. I have dish towels made by my grandma. They remind me of her. I keep mine displayed on a shelf. Some I have given to my daughter who is named after her. LOVE IT!

  15. I love those towels!

    It reminds me of when I was a kid, drying dishes with them!