Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Early Years

Come with me on a little stroll down Memory Lane...

Rick & I have known each other since 2nd grade. We lived in the same neighborhood, attended the same Elementary School, and the same ward (church congregation).

Our Elementary School put on a school program every year, called the "Spring Festival".  When we were in 5th grade, our class was outside practicing for our part on the program.
Rick asked me to be his girlfriend...
We broke up later that day.

In 6th grade, he asked me to dance with him at a school dance, and I told him NO!

I guess you could say we had a bit of a rocky start!

During our Senior year in High School, we had almost every class together.
Toward the end of Senior year, we got to be really great friends.
He was dating one of my friends and I went out with one of his friends.

Then he asked me out...
Our first date

We went to dinner at The Coachman's Restaurant in Provo.
Then we went for a round of miniature golf at Trafalga.

While we were on our first date, he asked me out to the Senior Dinner Dance at school.

 Our 2nd Date: The Senior Dinner Dance
I'm still thinking were "just friends".

But we kept dating.
And that friendship just kept getting better and better.

Over the summer, we dated other people too, but by the end of the summer we had had enough of that.
The deal was pretty much sealed by then.
And after almost 6 months of dating, he finally kissed me!
(Can you believe that?)

 Another school dance picture. Senior Ball, the winter after we graduated.

We got engaged on my birthday, February 1985.

 Dance picture from Sweetheart's Dance shortly after we were engaged. I was taking classes at what is now UVU.

  A year later: This is our engagement photo
I would love to do the photos from our engagement & wedding over! 
 (Oh my heck~ enough with the mullet and the big glasses, already!)
Gotta love the 80's!

And a year and a half later...
Our first family picture!

Happy 26th Anniversary to my forever BEST FRIEND! 


  1. Oh my goodness!!!!!!! I love it! The 80's....,,, slightly better than the 70's.

    I think that is so great that you have been best friends for so long. Such a love story.

    Happy Anniversary!!!!!!

  2. Happy Aniversary.

    You have such a sweet love story.

  3. Valerie this is wonderful! I love hearing/seeing other peoples love stories!
    You two have an even longer history than Kurke and I - Wow how fun to have known your husband your entire life!!!
    I personally loved the 80's - Ha Ha. I had big hair, big sunglasses, big earring. 80's was a BIG decade!
    You two are darn cute!

  4. Happy Anniversary!!

    You guys have got us beat by one year, plus a week.

    Where does the time go??

    Hope you have a great celebration!!

  5. Happy Anniversary! What a wonderful love story. Perhaps some day I will post my '80s pictures too. :)

  6. I love it!!

    I was smiling all through the post. What fun pictures! :)

    Happy Anniversary!♥

  7. Awe, this was so sweet of you to share. I love hearing other peoples love stories.

    Happy Anniversary!

  8. Oh my, those were fun to see. It always makes me laugh at how styles have changed!!!!!!
    I look at some of mine and thing "what the WHAT"

  9. Loved seeing all these photos! Happy anniversary! Hope you got to do something fun to celebrate your eternal love. :)

  10. I love this post! What a great story the two of you have. Congrats on 26 years! Wow!

  11. Valerie,
    Happy Anniversary! Love all your pictures! The 80's is when it was all happening!
    Your first family picture is priceless!

  12. I love the way you are TOTALLY rockin' the 80s! Happy anniversary!