Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Well Then...

Birds hate me.
No, really...
It's a proven fact.

First, there were the Robins that started chirping. The chirping started every day, as soon as there was even a hint of light in the sky, and ended never every evening when the sun went down.
It was incessant, and nearly enough to drive me insane!

Now, I normally enjoy birds.
But this was a little much.
5 AM is not a good time for me!

Add to that the latest insult:

We have a cherry tree. A little over a week ago, it was loaded with sweet, juicy, nearly-ripened cherries. We had eaten a few handfuls of cherries and were anxiously awaiting them to be fully ripened.

Saturday evening, things were looking good...
Tree still loaded with fruit.
Monday evening, I walked over to check the fruit trees...
My jaw literally dropped to the ground and I gasped!
The cherry tree was picked clean.
Every. Single. Cherry.
I was so mad!
Those stinkin' birds!!!

I knew we'd lose some cherries to the birds~ but had no clue they would eat every single cherry!!!
I guess I should have been tipped off when I saw the Starling hopping around on the the back lawn with a cherry in his mouth. I'm sure he was taunting me.
I think every bird in the county was perched in our tree, having a sweet little feast. There was quite a variety of birds, which at any other time would have been awesome...
But this time, I was just too mad!

The apricots and peaches are still looking good, but I'm sure the squirrels will probably get to them.
I'm not sure there's even any point to growing my own fruit.
I guess at least the birds won't go hungry.


  1. Shoot and bagooties!
    Durn birds!!

    You'll have to invest in some tree netting if you want to keep them away... or else some other tactic to scare them off of your fruit trees.
    I'm surprised that the deer didn't get to your fruit first.

    Have you had a lot of smoke coming over your way from our fires?
    Hope not.

    Take care...

  2. I'm do sorry. I had that problem. I tied a couple of CD's to the bush. Hopefully they won't wize up.

  3. NO! I would have been so mad too!

  4. I would have been mad to - every cherry. Sooo sad. I'm not very good with early bird noises - from birds or dogs. I have dogs that bark and bark next door early in the morning and I don't love that at all. Anything before 7 makes me cranky. I like Tawna's idea with CD's to scare them off. I've seen the whole tree netted - but I'm sure that is a huge job. It's really just sad. I like the clip art - cute!

  5. I can't believe those birds ate every single cherry! I mean, geez, how greedy!
    Some swallows have made nests above the doors where I work and I'm constantly nervous that one of them is going to swoop down and hit me in the head. Or poop on me. Not. A. Fan. Of. Birds.

  6. Those nasty birds, stealing your yummy cherries. No worries, I have two cats who would love to help solve that problem. Just in case you want to barrow them. They have done wonders here at our home. We don't seem to hear any chirping early in the mornings anymore.

    Cute clip art.