Monday, September 5, 2011

Life, According to Shane

Moving Day was a long day,to say the least.
We were all up bright and early since in addition to moving, the boys also started school the same day.
Is that great planning, or what?
It was almost an hour drive to get them to school.
Perk for them was getting breakfast at McDonalds!

Moving took forever.
We hired a moving company to load, transport and unload all the boxes.
The packing and unpacking were done by us.
(Well...the unpacking will eventually be done by us!)

We finally got to the new place about 9:30 that night.
The boys were pooped.
And stressed.

It was the first time we had driven to the new house at night.
In the dark.
There are no streetlights where we live!
It was a little disconcerting.

Then, as we pulled into the driveway and opened the car doors,
we were serenaded by a symphony of crickets.
Lots and lots of rather loudish crickets...

Shane: "Well, that's going to be annoying to try and go to sleep to!"

I'm happy to report, we are all sleeping just fine.


  1. Oh, those blasted crickets keeping people awake at night! Glad you're moved in and sleeping just fine!

  2. LOL...awe the sounds those nasty crickets make. I am glad you all are sleeping just fine.

  3. streetlights?? Just think how great the stars will look :)
    I'd love to know if you moved to the 'country' :)
    Have a great day!

  4. Crickets really can be loud!
    Glad to hear that they are not bothering your sleep.

  5. Hope you are getting all your stuff put away :)

  6. It sounds wonderful.
    I would love to live with no street lights and all crickety and stuff.

    Hope you get those boxes unpacked soon. Yikes, that sounds a lot like work.

  7. I hope you get to like your new place soon. It does take a while. I used to live in the house I thought I'd die in (before the divorce) and then had to move into a house I hope I get to move out of someday. I moved so much growing up and wish I didn't have to do it anymore too. Hope the neighbors have welcomed you with visits and treats!

  8. I hope you find all of the light switches and feel at home very soon. It is so hard to have to move. Hiring movers was a really good idea. We hired help 3 moves ago and it really helped. With this last one our kids friends helped and it still about did us in.
    I hope you find new friends there over the next while and begin to feel more at home.


  9. I grew up on a street with no was crazy!

    Crickets can be either super annoying, or super calming. Depending on your mood, I think.

  10. Those crickets ARE LOUD. And some days it sounds like they are using amplifiers :-). So glad you are moved in, we need to "connect" and catch up on all the details.
    Love you!

  11. Your posts are cracking me up! I'm laughing with you, right? I'm glad you are at peace with the crickets. :)