Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Witch's Hat

My mom and I made these cute Witch's Hats last year & I never got around to posting them.
I know Halloween is still weeks away, but I wanted to post the instructions so you have plenty of time to make some cute hats of your own!

I don't have step-by-step photos, but these are pretty easy.
You can also see a photo tutorial here:

You'll need the following:

A witch's hat (I found mine at Target, in the dollar bins, I used the child size)
Plastic Grocery Bags or paper for stuffing
Ribbon or Tulle
Other embellishments if desired

Start by stuffing your hat with bags or paper, so you have a stable, workable form.
Then size the ribbon/tulle that you want to use for the band and the bow.
Mod-podge the area where the band and ribbon will sit, and then put the band & the bow on the mod-podge.
Now, the fun part! Apply mod-podge over the entire surface of the hat, including the band & bow.
As it dries, you can fluff and reshape the bow.
This is a good time to sprinkle with glitter if you would like to make it sparkly!
Now~ scrunch the hat down, and use clothespins to hold the scunches in place while everything dries.
When the hat is almost dry, remove the clothespins and the bags/paper stuffing.
When completely dry, add other embellishments, if desired.

I love how these turned out! I might make some more this year.
Happy Crafting!

Now, back to your regularly scheduled September~


  1. Those are unbelievably cute! I might have to do this!

  2. These are super duper cute Valerie. I just happened to buy some things to make a witch costume the other day but hadn't thought about the hat yet!! Thanks!!

  3. You did an excellent job. They look a bit like THE sorting hat to me, but much cuter!

  4. Pretty cute! Makes me in the 'Halloween' mood :)
    Thanks for the 'how to'.

  5. If they're easy, I just might make them! I'll check it out to see if it's Crafting 101 or advanced.

    Very cute!

  6. How fun! I've not seen such a cute hat before.

  7. I am super bad at making stuff, but super good at appreciating others' talents! Can you believe I have never once dressed as a witch?

  8. Those are so cute! Great reminder for me to get out the Halloween decorations before it's past Halloween like last year.

  9. Ooooh! I love a good witches hat. Thanks so much for linking up to Fabulous Friday. Please do come back next week!

    Warmly, Michelle