Friday, July 31, 2009

Why It Is Hard to Say Good-bye

First, I have to start by saying that I did not want to move to Arizona. I have always thought of Arizona as the arm-pit of the universe. It’s really HOT here in the summer time. So, when the opportunity came…I was less than thrilled. There was a lot of weeping and wailing!

The first year was super hard. And then, just when I thought life was getting back on track, Curtis was in a terrible car accident…and the past 3 years, our life has revolved around TBI Rehab.

And now, just when life is starting to feel a bit “normal” again…
Just when I have finally learned to pronounce saguaro, mogollon, estrella and bougainvillea! (Sheesh!) We are moving…

Good-bye Arizona!
Good-bye stifling summer heat!

In all honesty, Arizona has grown on me. So, this is a just a list of a few things that I will miss:

*Incredible sunsets

*Gorgeous weather October-May

*Warm weather for Halloween/Trick-or-Treating without being all bundled up!

*Warm weather for Thanksgiving and Christmas (took a couple years to get used to this!)

*Beautiful desert flora! Esperanza, Texas Sage, Mexican Bird of Paradise, Hibiscus,to name a few

*Cultural Diversity

*Our house (we love our house! We have lived in this house just a little over a year, we bought it brand new last Spring…and then found out we were being transferred back to Utah.

*Orange Blossoms in the spring

*The Easter Pageant

*The moon! It often looks HUGE, hanging just above the horizon

*Driving to Phoenix numerous times a week…sometimes numerous times a day (wait, I won’t miss that!)

*QT! (Quick Trip…a gas station and convenience store with the BEST soda)

*Saying “soda” instead of “pop”

*Not having to wear nylons to church (seriously, no one here wears nylons…ever! Except me…old habits die hard!)

*Monsoon Thunderstorms (except for when the roof leaks…and the ceiling collapses on the kitchen table). Not Fun!

*Dust Storms aka Haboobs…interesting to see at least once! We saw a huge one a couple of years ago and it was amazing to see this huge wall of sand and dust sweeping across the valley.

*F-16’s thundering across the sky (we live in the West Valley, near Luke Air Force Base)


  1. I feel for you. I went through the exact same thing. I didn't want to move to AZ either - who wants 115 degree weather in the summer, scorpions, cactus and a host of other adverse accomodations! The good far outweighed the bad. We were there only 4 years but we made some fantastic friends, great memories, and saw breath taking scenery. I kknow what you mean about orange blossoms in the spring. You're doing very well with your vocabulary!

    Good luck getting to Utah.

  2. Good luck with your move! I think it is hard to get settled in a place and finally get used to it and then have to leave again.

    I loved your list!

    Hopefully, the move will go smoothly and life will be good again in the Happy Valley!

  3. Love that list! And isn't that always how it works? Just when things are getting good, it's time for another change. Sounds like Arizona grew on you! I think I might trade you 115 degree dry heat for 100 degree extremely wet, yucky, humidity in the south. Now that is no fun! And we don't say "soda" or "pop"...we say coke for every thing. Weird, huh? But I love it just the same! Thanks for stopping by my blog to say hi.