Sunday, November 15, 2009


Connie at I Started Out As A Child, was kind enough to pass this award along to me. Supposedly, it is for blogs that are "Encouraging, Inspiring, or Brilliant". I'm pretty sure it was the Jell-O post that caught her attention! :)
Kidding aside, Thanks, Connie, I think you are Awesome (as well as Encouraging, Inspiring & Brilliant!)
I'm supposed to share 10 Honest things about myself...
So, without further are 10 wonderful, captivating, essential things you never knew you never knew...about me!

*1. I am not a “morning person”…Not. A. Morning. Person. Don’t get me wrong, I love morning, I just wish it came a lot little later in the day. It is not unusual for me to go back to bed after I get the kids off to school. A bad habit I am kinda trying to break. I also really like naps! I guess I just like to sleep!!!

*2. I love glazed doughnuts! Love them! I was having a little obsession with cupcakes (love those too), but once I bit into that lovely, gooey, sugary doughnut…oh baby! My absolute favorites are from Maceys Grocery store. I haven't had these for 4 years...I was so happy when I finally bit into one! Pretty sure there will be glazed doughnuts (from Maceys) in Heaven.

*3. I can’t swim. I can do a pathetic doggy paddle or a frog kick…but that’s it! I also hate water on my face (even in the shower!)

*4. I don’t really like to wear shoes. Not sure why. I prefer barefoot, or sandals or flipflops. I really don't like "tie" shoes, I prefer ones I can slip on and off easily.

*5. I am a bit of a germ-o-phobe. My middle name should be “use sanitizer!” The whole swine flu thing has been a little stressful for me! Enough so that I am just ready to find a nice family that is sick & go give them all a great big hug! Or get the shot…whichever comes first. I can get a little uptight when my kids are sick! I'm fine when they are little and need to be held and loved on...but when they are older, yeah~ they better not be breathing and coughing on me!!! :) My family loves to make fun of me about this...but when they get sick, suddenly the handwashing and sanitizing doesn't seem so silly!

*6. Speaking of which, when I was in 3rd grade, I kissed my friend’s little brother so I could get the chicken pox. Pretty sure I didn’t have a germ phobia then!

*7. I love magazines. I could buy a magazine every time I go to the store! I don’t read the “tabloid” type (except for People, once in a while). I do like cooking, crafting or decorating magazines. I have read Good Housekeeping since I was a teenager! Reader’s Digest, Prevention…I pretty much read them all…I have put a moratorium on cooking magazines, for the time being…I have way too many of those!

*8. When I was in Middle School (7th Grade) I won a Halloween Writing Contest. Everyone who wanted to, wrote a story and submitted it to our English teacher, Mr. Houghton. He read the stories in class and we all voted for our favorite. My story was the favorite! I think I won $20.00. I have no clue what happened to the story. I wish I knew what I had done with it! It would probably be hilarious to read. I still can remember a little bit about it. I remember working on it a lot! I wrote it in one of those old, brown school notebooks (the ones that came in all different sizes…anyone remember those?). The title of my story was “The House on the Hill”.

*9. I am a bit of a pessimist. Yes, I am a “glass half empty” kinda gal. My sil says I’m a “realist”. That’s a much better sounding term!

*10. I’ve already confessed my inability to make Jell-O…but in addition to that (as if that weren’t bad enough) I can’t make gravy. Yes, that’s right. I Cannot Make Gravy. Thankfully, Rick can…so we are good!

Now, I am supposed to pass this award on to 7 other awesome bloggers...and so far, all of the blogs I've read have recently been awarded too (this award is getting around!). So, as others have done, I'll just encourage you to take a look at some of the blogs I love (over on the right side) and maybe you'll find someone new!

P.S. Can anyone clue me in as to how the spacing works on blogger? It's driving me nuts! I always have problems when I am trying to leave a space between paragraphs/sections...Then I have to go through endless edits trying to get it right! GRRRR!


  1. Valerie, I'm with you on #3! Thanks for doing this. I love to learn more about you...some of the things I suspected but now I know!
    Since Maceys isn't open on Sunday...I bet their donuts WILL be in heaven!

  2. I am curious which things you suspected? Was it the gravy? The 7th Grade Writing Contest? :)

  3. Valerie you are so cute! I am really enjoying these Honest award posts where I learn so much about everyone.
    I am a Magazine junkie too. I cannot go to the grocery store without coming home with a magazing - cooking, crafts, decorating, traveling - I love them all.
    I LOVE that you kissed your friends brother to get chicken pox - too funny!

    ***Also wanted to let you know that I am just finishing my post for tomorrow and coincidentally it is #7 in my Blogging Helps series and it is on spacing in your posts - I thought that was really funny that you mentioned that tonight.

    Have a good Monday!

  4. Congrats on the award. I'm glad you posted such fun stuff about you. I love magazines too, but I almost never buy them. I do spend time at the library looking at them sometimes though.

  5. OH MY WORD....I'm reading your last post. And being 43 myself, I got quite a kick out of it. It was really encouraging for women at our age.

    Congrats on the award!!

  6. Since I am relatively new to your blog, it was nice to learn those things about you.
    we have a few things in common --I TOO hate mornings. I'm thinking I'd rather be resurrected the "afternoon of the first resurrection"
    and I do not swim ---I lay around in the water, but DO. NOT. get any water on my face or I'll freak.
    Gravy -------Nope.

  7. donuts and cupcakes - my two loves/weaknesses. If they really are in heaven, that is motivation enough! :) jk So fun to learn more about you! thanks for sharing