Friday, November 20, 2009

Odds and Ends, November Edition

First; I have added a "Followers" gadget in the sidebar to the right, for those who prefer this option.

Second; I did make Spook Popcorn for Halloween. Here's the proof! It was soooo, good! And really easy. The most difficult part was taking out all the un-popped kernels of popcorn. I cheated a little and used microwave popcorn, butter flavor. It takes about 2 1/2 bags. I also used cashews. Oh my, was it ever decadent and yummy. I want to make some more right now.
It also stays pretty soft and gooey, so no need to spread it out to cool. It made my huge Tupperware bowl full, so it makes a nice batch.

Third; After reading Cherie's post "This Month-Be Grateful",
I made this cute Gratitude Jar for Family Home Evening.

It turned out so cute, I decided they would be perfect for Visiting Teaching and Home Teaching gifts, so I made up a few more! I had to buy bottles, can you believe that? All my canning jars have mysteriously disappeared!

Here's a picture of the back of the jars. I think it's so cute, all laced up! I did it a couple of different ways, I like the laced up look the best. I also made personalized labels for the jar lid, with each family's name.

You can find the printable graphics kit here at Daisie Company.
There are also more pictures, showing everything that is included in this cute craft kit.


I finally dug out my small, slightly pathetic, collection of Thanksgiving decorations. I read a post recently (which I can't find to link back to!), and she shared her favorite Thanksgiving decor, which was mostly Indians. So, when I opened my boxes, I was looking for a theme...what do I like?

Here's a few pictures...can you pick up a theme here?

This is one of my favorites:
(Sorry for the glare on this one. The front of the block says "Be Thankful")

Almost all of these were made in Relief Society! Most are pretty old! :)

I wanted to get some new things this year, but haven't been able to find much. You know, the whole "Halloween-to-Christmas" phenomenon! HELLO! You skipped Thanksgiving!
I did get invited to a neighborhood craft boutique. I took only the cash I was willing to spend, and was determined to buy only fall/Thanksgiving items. No tempting me with cute snowmen, pine cones & holly berries, or Santas! (I looked, but I didn't buy!)
I did find this cute, quilted table runner, which I love.

But this...this was the first thing that caught my eye! Isn't he the cutest little feller? Yep, I must really have a thing for turkeys! I haven't decided where he'll go yet. (He's appliqued on a dish towel). I have already instructed everyone that this is for decoration only and is not to be used! We'll see how far that gets me.

What's coming up:
Favorite Things
A Yummy Holiday recipe
A Giveaway (yes, that's right!)
And stay tuned.


  1. Your turkeys are very cute! I went to WalMart yesterday and asked one of the employees if they had anything decorative for Thanksgiving. She looked at me as though I had sprouted antlers! Not much out there for Thanksgiving.
    Love the gratitude jars. I'd have to buy jars too if I was making them...Unless I decided to have soup for dinner! Almost all my jars are full right now!
    Looking forward to all your upcoming events! Have a great weekend!

  2. Love the gratitude are so nice to do that! Cute the table runner! Have a great Thanksgiving!
    Come say hi :D

  3. Bryce has been upset that you can't find Thanksgiving decorations anywhere. So He has been making Thanksgiving pictures and hanging them up in the window.

  4. What a cute collection of Turkeys. I love R.S. stuff. The jars are adorable. What a great idea.

  5. Oh man I love all your cute decor and I LOVE what you did with the back of your jars. That lacing is SO dang cute!
    Hope you have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!