Saturday, July 23, 2011

Those Summer Nights are Callin'...




Rocked the crowd at Rio Tinto Stadium

Such a great concert!
Night Ranger got things started. I'm not too familiar with their music. We did have a funny
"who knows the correct lyrics" war on the way to the concert.
Curtis won. Not saying who the loser Rick was. 

"Sister Christian" (the only song we knew) lyrics are:
"You're motoring. What's your price for flight?"
"You're wondering, What's your price for fame?"

Foreigner was awesome..."Jukebox Hero" was a favorite.

Then Journey rocked the house!!! Kicked it off with one of my favorite songs: "Separate Ways".
Favorite song of the night:


It was fantastic and Arnel really nailed it & added his own little flavah to it. Almost made me think
"Steve who"? 

Like most Journey fans, I really miss Steve Perry...but I've followed the band through all their lead singer ups and downs.
 (I did get to see Steve P. back in the 80's and it was beyond amazing!)

But the new guy (Arnel) does a pretty great job too.

(The good old days)

Not a better way to spend a summer evening!
We had a blast!!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Odds & Ends June 2011 Edition

Holy cow!!! Is it July already?
In honor of it being almost a whole month since I last blogged...
And because Emily would like the picture of her swollen face to NOT be the first thing that pops up on my blog...I bring you another "Odds & Ends" post.

Emily is feeling much better~ finally!
She ended up getting dry socket in not one, but two of the tooth extraction sights! Dry socket hurts. A lot. And the treatment is altogether quite unpleasant. (Packing the socket with clove oil soaked gauze). Did I mention it was painful? And unpleasant? And she had to have one of the every-two-days treatments done on her 21st Birthday! What a way to celebrate!
We did go to the Parade of Homes once she was feeling a little better. We had a lot of fun! I wish I would have thought to take pictures. So many great ideas!!!

First trip to the lake.
Did I say first trip? Make that only trip (so far). 

 It was still beautiful and wonderful and relaxing.

We didn't catch a single fish.
Okay by me! (I don't care much for fish)

We did have fun! And someone (me) got a little sunburned!

We took a little evening trip down to Manti to see the

It's been kind of a difficult few weeks.
We are dealing with an unpleasant situation (that I can't blog about right now).

We also had a death in the family.
My dad's youngest brother passed away & his funeral was this past Monday.
I think it's gonna be a little hard on my dad.

And this Sunday will mark one year since Amy's death.
I still miss her so much! 

Other than all that~ my life is just like yours:
A little crazy
A little busy
Just life.

Happy 4th of July!