Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Witch's Hat

My mom and I made these cute Witch's Hats last year & I never got around to posting them.
I know Halloween is still weeks away, but I wanted to post the instructions so you have plenty of time to make some cute hats of your own!

I don't have step-by-step photos, but these are pretty easy.
You can also see a photo tutorial here:

You'll need the following:

A witch's hat (I found mine at Target, in the dollar bins, I used the child size)
Plastic Grocery Bags or paper for stuffing
Ribbon or Tulle
Other embellishments if desired

Start by stuffing your hat with bags or paper, so you have a stable, workable form.
Then size the ribbon/tulle that you want to use for the band and the bow.
Mod-podge the area where the band and ribbon will sit, and then put the band & the bow on the mod-podge.
Now, the fun part! Apply mod-podge over the entire surface of the hat, including the band & bow.
As it dries, you can fluff and reshape the bow.
This is a good time to sprinkle with glitter if you would like to make it sparkly!
Now~ scrunch the hat down, and use clothespins to hold the scunches in place while everything dries.
When the hat is almost dry, remove the clothespins and the bags/paper stuffing.
When completely dry, add other embellishments, if desired.

I love how these turned out! I might make some more this year.
Happy Crafting!

Now, back to your regularly scheduled September~

Friday, September 16, 2011


Last weekend, I had the great opportunity to
With some awesome women.
So glad I didn't chicken out and turn the car around!
It was great to meet some new blogging friends~
And to get to know other blogging friends a little better.

Back Row: Left to Right

Front Row: Left to Right

Thanks to Hands Full Mom for the photo.
I still haven't located the USB cord to my camera, but I'm sure it's around here somewhere...
Still in a box!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


We've been battling spiders at the new place.
Lots and lots of spiders. We think they might be Hobo spiders.
They are big!
They are In. The. House!
Everyone is a little freaked out by them!

 Rick has killed relocated several.
We bought some spray and sprayed inside and out. Hopefully it works!!!

A few days ago, we were all a little jittery because of the little critters.
We all felt like we had spiders crawling on us. And if something happened to brush against any of us...we'd be doing the "I have a spider on me" dance~ which involves flailing your arms in the air and swatting at whatever it was that you mistook for a spider. Screaming and turning in circles can also be added once you have the beginner moves down.

An errant stream of water from the shower head got me. Glad no one was around to see that.

Later, I was fumbling for the light switch in the garage, and a box brushed my arm. Screams and swatting started all over again.

Rick was assailed by a bush...which he thought was a spider. He screamed like a girl.
Not really.  He did swat the bush though!

Yeah. We don't like spiders so much around here.
I guess I won't be using fake spiders in my Halloween decor this year?

Monday, September 5, 2011

Life, According to Shane

Moving Day was a long day,to say the least.
We were all up bright and early since in addition to moving, the boys also started school the same day.
Is that great planning, or what?
It was almost an hour drive to get them to school.
Perk for them was getting breakfast at McDonalds!

Moving took forever.
We hired a moving company to load, transport and unload all the boxes.
The packing and unpacking were done by us.
(Well...the unpacking will eventually be done by us!)

We finally got to the new place about 9:30 that night.
The boys were pooped.
And stressed.

It was the first time we had driven to the new house at night.
In the dark.
There are no streetlights where we live!
It was a little disconcerting.

Then, as we pulled into the driveway and opened the car doors,
we were serenaded by a symphony of crickets.
Lots and lots of rather loudish crickets...

Shane: "Well, that's going to be annoying to try and go to sleep to!"

I'm happy to report, we are all sleeping just fine.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Moving Day...

New town
New Neighborhood
New Schools
New House
Same Old Me...

That’s right, we’ve moved…again.
That makes 4 times in 6 years, but who is keeping track?
Really it feels like 6 times in 4 years…

Some people thrive on change.
I, however, am not one of those people.
I hate moving. And the more I move, the more I hate it!!!
My boys are doing awesome though! I’m so proud of them~ it’s rough to have to switch schools. They both miss their old friends, but they  are making new friends & really like where we live. Their first day of school was the same day we moved. It was a very stressful, chaotic day!  (That must be the understatement of the year!)
Emily & her friend Aubrie also moved into an apartment two days before we moved. I miss her!
So yeah, things have been a little stressful!!! Too many changes all at once.
Things I hate about moving:
(Not an all inclusive list)
Can’t find anything ( the cord to my camera)
Getting used to a new house…feeling like I’m living in someone else’s house!
Getting used to new…everything. School, church, house, neighborhood, grocery stores,  etc…
Can’t find anything
Can someone please unpack all these boxes???
Getting lost in the new house.  Where is the bathroom again???
Losing stuff! Something always gets lost, something always gets broken. I am missing Tupperware from 3 moves ago, and a box of games from 2 moves ago. This time we lost the top to one of my Scentsy burners & a large box of food storage. I was ticked off all weekend about that box of missing cereal! Thankfully, we found both the box of food storage & the top to my Scentsy. Now if Rick’s missing keys would just turn up…(and my camera cord...and the Tupperware...and the games...and everything else that is missing that I don't know about yet!)
Things I don’t hate about moving:
That pretty much sums it up!