Monday, February 23, 2009

To Blog or Not to Blog, That IS the Question

So many people (2) have casually mentioned in passing encouraged me to start a blog, that I thought I would succumb to the immense social pressure and join the blogging world. Yes, I realize there is a Family Home Evening lesson in there, somewhere.
Blogging fascinates me. I admit that at first it was sort of a sick fascination. I couldn’t get my head around the whole thing, and was slightly troubled by the amount of (incredibly) personal information some people are willing to put out there for all the world to read, and then seemingly become outraged when someone (usually someone they have spoken ill about) happens upon their very public blog!
Still, there are some blogs that really have me hooked, and reading blogs has become my newest way to waste time on the computer light-hearted escape from the drudgery of life. Some blogs make me laugh, some make me think, some inspire me, some provide new recipes, or tips on photography, still others provide a glimpse into the life of family or friends. Yet, despite my strange fascination with reading blogs, I had still held myself at arm’s length, when it came to creating one of my own.
Until now. Two of my sisters-in-law started blogs and invited me to read. I had to sign up for an account and then every time I signed in, there it was, taunting me. Daring me to take the plunge! “Create Your Own Blog”! I spent a lot of time pondering and thinking about this…I am not prone to being spontaneous or impulsive! (That is an understatement, by the way). I am thoughtful, organized, and analytical to a fault…And after a recent discussion in Relief Society about all the ways we have to waste time nowadays…I had decided that blogging was not for me. Not now, not no way! Then. Then, in a wild moment of uncharacteristic impulsivity, I tossed caution to the wind and before I knew it, I was the proud new owner of one blank, fresh, BlogSpot.
So, what do I hope to accomplish with my newfound interest? Well, maybe nothing. I don’t purport myself to be the next Pioneer Woman, or the next NieNie. I like to write, but don’t fancy myself a writer. But I do somehow hope for what I write to be relevant in some way. Even if it’s just relevant to me. I do have some very clear ideas about what my blog will be and for that matter, what it won’t be. And it definitely will be a work in progress.
Mostly, it will be just what the name says. Pieces of Me. A little bit of this, a little bit of that. A glimpse here, a glimpse there…And I hope that as time goes on, it will take on some of the characteristics of all the other blogs I enjoy. But for now, it is just a start, and that is all I expect. Something or nothing. Either way, fine by me.
And as for my justification in becoming a blogger? (You knew I would need one, right?)
One is to learn something new, I’ve already mastered using “strike-out” and the clickable word links thing…But my best justification came to me the other day…and I really, really like this one!

Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf, spoke in the General Relief Society Meeting last fall, and part of his talk titled;
Happiness, Your Heritage, focused on Creativity. So, to learn something new, and to express creativity are part of my goals (better word than justification, right?) for this blog. At least for today.

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