Friday, October 23, 2009


Shane was only 4 when we moved to Arizona. As a result, he really doesn't remember much about Utah.
These are just a few of the things that are fascinating to him right now...

This is a "park" in the middle of our neighborhood. In AZ, we would call this a greenbelt. When we say that here, we get confused, blank stares! Most the kids call it "the field". Fascinating also, is the fact that he can just run outside and there are tons of neighbor kids to play with...and more fascinating still? That he can play outside! (AZ = either too hot...or not safe!)

Heater. Vents. Hours of fascinated play for an 8 year old boy! Yes, yes, we had these in AZ too, but they were in the ceiling, not the floor. I've already had to fish several toys out of the vent in his room. Awesome hiding place for action figures.

Grass. Green. Soft. No further explanation needed.

Our (ugly) mailbox. We had a community mail box in AZ. (The ones with all the little individual boxes). He loves to get the mail. Thankfully, this fascination has died down somewhat as he usually just brought the mail up to the front porch and left it there!

Mountains, mountains and more mountains! And if you look closely, you will see there is snow on the top of this beauty! He can't wait until it snows in the valley! He does think it's cold here though! (He ain't seen nothin' yet!) :) Awww, he's such an Arizona boy!


  1. You definitely take certain things for granted when you're no longer around them! I grew up in utah (althought lived in AZ the first 5 yrs of my life) and I can very much understand these differences you listed. The grass is definitely much better here! (and the mountains) As for the heater vents, my brother (when younger) found it a convenient place to hide the food he didn't want to eat. (not recommended) so having them on the ceiling would probably be a better idea! :)

  2. I like those things about Utah too. It's nice to stand over those vents when it's cold and the heater is on. We had them in Ohio when I lived there and we'd all take one and lay our coats on top of them to warm them up before we went out to the freezing winter weather.

  3. It's good that you can find beauty where ever you live but...still...Utah's the right place!
    It IS nice to have the mail box close by. Those community mailboxes are a pain!
    Where can we find mountains like the Rockies! Such beauty! I love the seasons too. Don't get that in AZ!
    Good to have you home!

  4. There is definately a huge difference. The last one is priceless. Your son is going to be singing a whole new song once he is walking around or shoveling that snow! ha ha
    Glad you are enjoying your least I think so!

  5. There are always some amazing things about wherever you live I have found. Arizona would be too HOT for me in the summer for sure. We had a son who lived in Prescott for a couple of years and we liked visiting him there.
    Glad you are finding lovely things to enjoy in Utah.

    AND -----I absolutely LOVE that photo of the old chicken coop on the previous post.