Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Festivities, Part 1

Started out on Friday morning with the Annual Halloween Parade at the school. I love the Halloween Parade~ there are always some really clever costumes! I used to be clever with the costumes...now, not so much (read: store bought).

Shane was a Red Ninja.  The cute little girl in the Dorothy costume (picture below) is one of the girls in my Primary class at church.  It was fun to have all the kids that know me call out, "Hi Sister Jackson!"  Even kids that aren't in my class were saying hello.

(And I saw my celebrity crush again!  His kids go to the same school as Shane. How cool is that???)

 There were lots of parents in costume at the parade.  I didn't do my hair, and I stuck a hat on my head (like that's gonna help). So I guess my costume was frumpy housewife.  I was gonna post a picture...but I'm just not that brave!
After the parade, I rushed home to fix my hair so I could meet a friend for lunch.  We've been trying to get together for months...We had a great time. :)  We visited for 3 hours!!!  Could have gone much longer, but my kids were locked out of the house so I eventually had to go home.  Although Shane was resourceful and found a way to get in the house.  Little stinker!  He pulled the screen off a window, and slid the window open and crawled through.
 Hopefully we can get together more often...and next time I'll make sure the kids can get in the house!

In the wee hours of the morning on Saturday, I drove down to meet up with these wonderful friends for our
Second Annual Halloween Breakfast Meet & Eat! 
This year, we all wore our Pajamas, and promised to come looking like we had just staggered out of bed. Uh...some of us look much better first thing in the morning than others!

 Unbeknownst to us, we had picked a male dominated restaurant. 
Felt like we had invaded a "Gentlemen Only Club"
(by Gentlemen I mean truck drivers, construction workers, hunters and farmers, not that they aren't gentlemen, I just don't want you to have the vision of us surrounded by men sitting around in lounging jackets and smoking pipes! There was a lot of plaid flannel, maybe a rifle and a pitchfork or two.)
Oh well, we had fun anyway!
Emma & Darla

Lynette, Connie and a Pink Marshmallow Peep (me).
Make sure you read Connie's funny, witty write up: Invasion.
I think she already has her eye on a spot for next year!


  1. What a great time! Next year you and I will have to wow them with our costumes :-).

    We needed more time to really catch up but I'm so glad we got together!

  2. I missed the story behind the celebrity crush, who, what when? Looks like we need to do a lunch you and I :-).

  3. Cute costumes on the kiddos!
    I too missed this "celebrity crush" I want to know who this is!!!

    I LOVE to see a picture of you and Connie together!
    One day all of us UT girls will have to meet up! :)

  4. I saw the pictures of this fashion show on Connie's blog! Hilarious!

    Poor guys couldn't get away from the womanfolk even with deer antlers and hides in their vehicles.

    Brave women is all I can say.
    Not sure if you're brave cuz you went into the gentelmen's club or cuz you were in bathrobes and curlers.

    Either way...YOU ALL ROCK!

  5. I read Connie's post on it. Quite funny how there were all men and you women. I love Connie's look! Sounds like loads of fun. I was at a cheer comp in Lehi!

  6. You guys are awesome! I also saw this on Connie's blog and felt a bit jealous! I hope to meet you one day and this tradition is a good one!!

  7. That tradition sounds SOOOO awesome...minus the looking like you just got out of bed part. I couldn't do it. I'm just not that fun.