Friday, April 8, 2011

4 Squared

A long, long, long, long, long, long, long time ago...
Lesa tagged me on her blog...
And I'm just barely getting around to getting it done...
'Cause we were sick, and all...
We're better now (thank you very much)...
And I'm tired of whining about that anyway...
Because there's lots of other stuff that is more important to whine about...
But I do have other stuff to blog...
But it will have to wait because...
MY LIFE IS CRAZY RIGHT NOW!!! the "4's"...

1.  Four Places I Go

*  The school
*  The grocery store :(
*  Church
*  Crazy (that counts, right?)

2.  Four Favorite Smells

*  Freshly cut hay
*  Lilacs, hyacinths, roses
*  Baking...anything
*  Autumn

3.  Four Favorite TV Shows/Movies

*  "24" (Only have 2 more seasons to watch!)
*  "American Idol"
*  "Sabrina" (1995 w/ Harrison Ford & Julia Ormond)
*  "Beauty & The Beast" (Disney)

4.  Four Recommendations

*  Be kind to yourself!
*  Be "fully present" in your life
*  Netflix. Seriously~ it's awesome
*  This Lotion Bar.  I LOVE this stuff

Wasn't that just the most fascinating thing you've read lately?
Gripping, really.

I'm supposed to tag 4 others...
So I choose... (again, with the ...'s?)
Rachelle (Private Blog)

Happy Weekend~


  1. I'm just happy to see you post and know you are around :-D
    Hope life isn't too darn crazy for you!

    And Netflix is my favorite thing right now too - Loving it!

  2. Thanks for Tagging me. Now I know what to post about tomorrow. I love Sabrina, Lilacs, roses, hyacinths and your recommendations to be kind to yourself.

    Hope you have a wonderful spring break!

  3. You have a great weekend too. I'm glad you're feeling really are, right?
    Yes, it was exciting to read about you!

  4. Fun little facts to read about you :)
    Hope you have a great weekend.
    It snowed here last night, so I guess we will be doing indoor projects.

  5. Thanks for playing along!! I had to turn off Netflix, I was watching it too much. [self-imposed time-out] ha ha

    I love the Easter background!

  6. Fun tag!

    I used to watch 24, but fell out of the habit of it, so I have no clue what's going on!

    Your 4 places sound like the same 4 places I go!

  7. Oooh fun!

    I LOVE the movie Sabrina. My sister and I used to watch it all the time. Harrison Ford has to be the hottest old dude EVER. Siiiigh. :)

    I'm glad you're feeling better! I finally am too...well, sorta. Now all of the kids at work are sick and I cringe every time one of them coughs...If I get sick again, someone might get hurt, lol!

  8. We starting watching 24 a few years back and it took over our lives from about 10 pm to midnight.

  9. I finally posted mine. It was fun and had me really thinking.

  10. I am not especially a fan of Tags...but I enjoyed learning those things about you.
    First...I hope you are all feeling better.
    your 4 favorite smells.....I could agree with those for sure.

    I am loving American Idol this year.
    We have a form of Netflix in my neck of the woods called, we just order all our movies on line ....which is awesome since we live an hours drive from any theatre.

    I always enjoy your visits to my blog.

  11. That was cute to get to know more about you.