Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Shane is officially a 10 year old!

 He wanted me to do a treasure hunt (like we do for Christmas) for his presents.
We settled for the "Hot & Cold" game.

 Shane loves to fish!
So I made this cake for him.
It turned out pretty cute.
And he liked it~ that's all that matters.

Happy Birthday, kiddo!
(He's holding his chest because it is hurting! He got an air-soft gun for his birthday, and trying to learn how to use it, he strained his chest muscles. He hurt for a couple of days!)

It's been a rough start to the Baseball season this year.
It's kinda tough to play ball in the Snow!

 Shane's been really sick for a couple of weeks~ but he only missed one game so far.
These pictures were taken after we did team pictures. When we got home, he wanted a few more.

This is his first time playing in an actual Little League.
He had to try out and everything!
He's in the Minor league.
He's a pretty good little ball player~ and I'm glad he'll be perfecting his skills and really learning how to play.
It's been fun so far.
He has an awesome coach, who really teaches the boys a lot but is not real intense and uptight.
He's not a screamer/yeller coach. And I like that!

Shane usually plays 1st or 3rd, and they've been talking to him about pitching too.

School Field Trip
It was cold and miserable!
But the kids had fun!!!
I'll post more about that later.


  1. That cake is perfect for a fisherman. I love it.

  2. Nice post. I love the cake. Those baseball pictures make me miss my boys playing baseball.

  3. Well, Happy, Happy Birthday Shane!
    Great cake mom! So cute!
    Should be a great summer; with baseball and all. Hopefully we will get some warm weather that sticks!
    Hope you all have a great week :)

  4. Happy (belated) birthday to him! What a fun cake.

  5. He looks like a professional baseball player! That cake is awesome, you creative gal, you!

    Happy Birthday to Shane!

  6. awesome cake! and a super-belated birthday wish to the most awesome shane EVAH!!!