Thursday, June 2, 2011


Emily had all four of her wisdom teeth pulled on Wednesday.
She's still feeling pretty miserable!

 (Trying to smile)

 She's pretty swollen. Her left jaw is even worse now than when I took these pictures a few hours ago.

Hopefully she'll be feeling better in a few days!
And hopefully she doesn't kill me when she finds out I posted these pictures on my blog!!!


  1. Awe, hope she feels better soon.

    Your blog is very cute!

  2. Oh my misery! Poor girl, thats awful. Hope she is over it soon. ;D

  3. Ohhh poor girl. She looks pretty good for just having those suckers pulled.
    For me it was worse than childbirth I swear!! It is awful.

    I am so glad she is done and hope she feels better fast!

  4. Oh sad! I remember that all too well, and I had mine out over 10 years ago! Poor girl. Hope you have lots of ice and popsicles on hand.

  5. Poor Emily. All 4 wisdom teeth! She still looks cute even with her jaw so swollen. I hope she heals quickly.

  6. Oh my goodness! I feel for her!!
    I'm sure that with lots of rest, and ice packs she will start to mend soon. Tell her to take it easy :)
    Emily is a cutie-pie.... with swollen jaws and all :)

    p.s. The same church farm where your father in law worked is the same church farm where my father in law works. I am amazed at how HUGE that place is... wow!

  7. My daughter had hers done a month ago. It's a hateful thing to go through. Now I understand all of the horror stories that you hear.

  8. I'm hoping she is feeling better today!

  9. Yipes, all at once? That stinks! I hope she feels better soon.

  10. She might hurt you.
    But she's still cute.

  11. Tell Emily I'm sorry. I do know how that feels though, I had all four of mine pulled just before my mission. Hope she feels better soon.

  12. Ouch! I got 4 pulled at once also - but I was fortunate to have a relatively easy recovery.

    Hope she is feeling better soon!