Thursday, September 1, 2011

Moving Day...

New town
New Neighborhood
New Schools
New House
Same Old Me...

That’s right, we’ve moved…again.
That makes 4 times in 6 years, but who is keeping track?
Really it feels like 6 times in 4 years…

Some people thrive on change.
I, however, am not one of those people.
I hate moving. And the more I move, the more I hate it!!!
My boys are doing awesome though! I’m so proud of them~ it’s rough to have to switch schools. They both miss their old friends, but they  are making new friends & really like where we live. Their first day of school was the same day we moved. It was a very stressful, chaotic day!  (That must be the understatement of the year!)
Emily & her friend Aubrie also moved into an apartment two days before we moved. I miss her!
So yeah, things have been a little stressful!!! Too many changes all at once.
Things I hate about moving:
(Not an all inclusive list)
Can’t find anything ( the cord to my camera)
Getting used to a new house…feeling like I’m living in someone else’s house!
Getting used to new…everything. School, church, house, neighborhood, grocery stores,  etc…
Can’t find anything
Can someone please unpack all these boxes???
Getting lost in the new house.  Where is the bathroom again???
Losing stuff! Something always gets lost, something always gets broken. I am missing Tupperware from 3 moves ago, and a box of games from 2 moves ago. This time we lost the top to one of my Scentsy burners & a large box of food storage. I was ticked off all weekend about that box of missing cereal! Thankfully, we found both the box of food storage & the top to my Scentsy. Now if Rick’s missing keys would just turn up…(and my camera cord...and the Tupperware...and the games...and everything else that is missing that I don't know about yet!)
Things I don’t hate about moving:
That pretty much sums it up!


  1. Thank you, thank you for this post! I am grateful to know that I am not the only person on earth to have lived a gypsy life :) !!!
    I used to get excited about the newness of everything. The older I get....not so much! I have warned my family that the next move I make will be in a pine box to the cemetary!
    I still have tons of stuff in storage (in our old town), and I know how discombobulated it feels to go through the moving process, school changes, etc... etc.. etc..
    Hang in there. Bake cookies... I think it helps to make a new house feel like home :)
    Sending you hugs (( ))

  2. Your sense of humor didn't get lost :)

    You have a great attitude even during this change. Hang in there!!

  3. I really hope you did not move to far away. I am really hoping we can meet up this year some time.

    I recall that we lost a few items with each of our moves. (think hubby may have thrown a few things out):) Glad to know what is happening with you.

  4. I think I would rather have a colonscopy than move.
    THAT'S bad!

    I feel bad for you. You will feel better in a week. Give yourself a week.
    The tupperware, the cord and the fridge will turn up somewhere.


  5. You are a trooper. Do you or your husband have a job where you get transferred a lot?

  6. Tauna~
    Now my fridge is missing? What the heck! I wish I would have noticed this!!! Another week of eating out...darn it! ;)

  7. I know it must be frustrating but I am glad you can joke about it!!

    Glad the kids are doing good - that can be hard, but kids handle things so well!!

    I hope you found the bathroom! That could get uncomfortable ;-)

  8. Good luck with all the changes. Your family is awesome and sure that you all will make friends and everyone will be excited to have you! We miss you. Let's still plan to do lunch. I'll e-mail you soon.

  9. Don't you hate it when you go to a new grocery store and you imagine in your mind the exact location of a needed item, in the old store??
    ((Hugs)) and good luck to you.
    I am a moving Queen too.
    My kids became great friends through moving so many times. And I came to depend upon my Dh too.


  10. Welcome back! you will need to be sure to give me your address.

  11. OK, it's time to plan our Halloween breakfast with the locals in YOUR town!!

    Good luck to you. Do you want to borrow the fridge in my garage? I could even clean it out for you!

  12. Holy smokes that's a lot of moving! I hate moving is SUCH a pain!

    I'm really glad your kids are liking it though, it is tough to have to go to a knew school. Hang in there! I hope you find everything that is lost!!

  13. Oh my goodness, what a cute post to sum up the pain of moving. I USED to thrive on change, but now . . . not so much! If you're still in Utah, you should come to our locals {small} blogger get-together on Sept 10th {just leave those boxes behind Girl!} Pop over & email me if you want more info. Thank you for popping over & leaving a sweet comment on my blog.

    Warmly, Michelle

  14. Oh goodness, I completely empathize with you on the moving thing. There were some problems about our new house that I was complaining about and hubs asked me if I really wanted to stay in this house long term or if I wanted to do some basic upgrades and then move on in a few years.

    I seriously thought he must be from Mars when I heard that question -- like I'd *voluntarily* move again?! Not a chance -- I can put up with a lot to not have to deal with the horrors of moving!

    Good luck w/the transition -- I understand I'll get the chance to meet you on Saturday, which I'm excited about!

  15. I hate moving, too, which is why I hope never to do it again. Good for you for dealing with it so much! I hope you settle in quickly.

    I look forward to meeting you tomorrow!