Saturday, October 8, 2011

Well, Hello!

Hey there, October! When did you get here?
Perhaps while we were enjoying sunny, warm (snow-free) SoCal?
(Disneyland Highlights, anyone?)

This is typically my favorite time of year...
But not this year~ no siree!!!

I'm digging in my heels! I'm not ready for it to be Fall yet!

And why is there snow? Where is Fall anyway? And in that same vein...where the heck did my summer go? 

School year has not gotten off to a good start...(17 year old Not. Doing. Well.)

I don't want to deal with another cold and flu season. Or really, life for that matter (I mean, while I'm complaining, might as well get it all out there, right?)

And who is supposed to be in charge of the unpacking?  (Ann?)

I want my mommy. Or Summer. Or both!


  1. Awww... shoot and had to leave that sunshine and come back to brr cold??!! SO not fair!
    I feel for you!
    We really haven't had a summer, have we? Well, I hope that this winter is not like that last 2, and lasts for 9 months. Pray for it to get over quickly.
    Hope you have a good weekend, and just think about it warming up next week. At least that's the what I hear :)

  2. Fall is just NOT long enough. They are short here in Alberta, and the wind has nearly blown all the leaves off the trees. Winter is poking it's nose around the corner, and I want to smack it !!

    I could use more summer as well.
    and....dealing with "life in general" is just dang hard sometimes.
    it's good to complain once in awhile (tee,hee)

  3. Well, hello to you! I love when you post.

    Ready or comes fall.

    Your header and border are cute, cute!

  4. You went to Disneyland? Why didn't I know that?
    I can't believe it has turned off so cold and snowed when just a few days ago we were in the middle of summer weather!

    Good luck with the un-packing!

  5. I agree! Time passes so quickly. I LOVE Fall, but I'm certainly not ready for the snow. We had a lot here the other day. Whoa! Are you the one who asked me about what SNAP is? Here's the link for info:

    Warmly, Michelle

  6. I'm with ya!
    I am NOT ready for FALL and I don't want to see it come.
    Already had two days of snow. Yuk.

    complain away....complain away.

  7. I'm soooo glad fall is finally here ... I'm not a fan of summer.

  8. I'm not ready for winter either, though I love the Holidays. Hopefully your all unpacked by now. Sending a prayer out for you 17-yr-old.

  9. The school year is not going well at our house either. There are problems with Bubee. I am working with the 6th grade which can be an adventure. One I did not want to have this year.

    Like you, I am not ready for winter. Where the heck did fall go? Was there even a summer break? Hmmm did not feel like if I glance back now.

    Are you unpacked and getting settled alright?