Monday, November 7, 2011

Halloween 2011

It was a very busy Halloween weekend around here!
We started off with a last minute family party with Rick's family. Not a Halloween party, just a family get together.
I made these Sugar Cookie Bars and frosted them with my

They were a big hit!
The icing recipe is quickly becoming one of my most asked for recipes.
Sadly, my family still scraped the icing off!!!
I don't know what's wrong with them...

Then it was time for our 3rd Annual Halloween Party!!!
This year, I decided to do a
"Mystery Menu" Dinner:

 (I had a cute graphic at the top, but it's not one I can share...)

 We had so much fun!!!
Everyone was a good sport and played along.
My dad was the best at choosing his menu items~ he pretty much had it all figured out & was the only one who ate a mostly normal meal.
There was much laughing!
Everyone has commented on how much fun it was.
A great night, for sure.
I almost didn't do a Halloween Party this year...
So glad I did!

The Slimy Red Goop salad actually turned out for me. That's 2 Jell-O's that I've actually had work!
It was not very appetizing though. It had kind of a yucky texture. Hey~ but if you want the recipe, let me know!
The punch was also weirdish. It tasted great...but also involved Jell-O...which I don't think I dissolved enough before I added the cold it set up a little and had an unpleasant texture as well.
So another Jell-O failure!
I'm happy to share that recipe too... :)
(Hey~ it was Halloween, so failures were funny....not distressing!)

On Halloween, I helped out with Shane's Halloween party at school.
I was in charge of the craft.
We made these cute mummies~
The kids loved them & so did the parents!

The kids did a great job, and they all turned out so cute.
It was fun to see how creative some of the kids were.
I used a 1x4 cut into 5" lengths.
Rick cut and sanded the boards for me & then spray painted them with an ivory paint.
I bought some muslin and ripped it into strips about an inch wide.
I had the kids tie 2 strips together and then they just wrapped it around the board.
Then we glued on the eyes...
And they were done.
Super cute!
Super easy!

Last of all was the Trick-or-Treating
These are the ghouls that made the neighborhood rounds this year:

Punk Rocker, Captain America, The Ghost of Lou Gherig, Gangsta

They spent the whole afternoon & evening together & had their own little party.
They cracked me up! They were so funny!!!
So glad for my neighbor who helped me get the boys together. It was great for Shane & really helped him make form some great friendships.

Now, Halloween decor is down and Thanksgiving is UP!
I'm hosting my extended family at my house this year.
So excited!
I might even make Jell-O!


  1. Oh my goodness gracious... I haven't seen a recipe for sugar cookie bars in years and years!
    My dear friend gave me the recipe years ago, and my kiddos loved them!
    I would bake them up, cut them a square and let them decorate it. Boy did we go through sprinkles :)
    Thanks for sharing!!

    Love those little square mummies. Super easy and cute to boot.

    You are going to have a blast with Thanksgiving ... I can just tell :)
    And.. Do JELLO!

  2. The cookies look delicious! I'm afraid I would be a frosting scraper as well. I always just give it to my hubby.

    It sounds like you were very busy for Halloween. Such a good mommy!

    Cute pictures.

    You'll have to share your Thanksgiving menu. I'm hosting the dinner at my house as well.

  3. I have trouble with Jell-O, but thought I was the only LDS sister who did. Glad to know that I am not alone.

    Your Halloween sounded fun. I am looking forward to Thanksgiving.

    Are you feeling settled after your move?

  4. Those cookies look too good!!!
    My husband is a scraper too. It's a tragedy!!!!

    I love your cute ideas. I will have to do that menu one day.. My family would like that!

    Your mummy's are darling!!

  5. The Halloween menu is seriously the best idea EVER! Maybe my kids will talk me into replacing the dinner in a pumpkin ... or maybe I'll do it for April Fools! :)

  6. I am so in love with your Halloween Mystery Menu idea - I want to do that!!!! It is complete genious!!

    So glad you had a wonderful family Halloween!!

  7. What a lot of fun this all must have been.
    I love your mystery menu...that is a great idea !!
    I think Halloween parties can be so much fun, especially if people are willing to participate in the "silliness" of it all.

    and Thanksgiving is my most FAVORITE holiday of the year. NO expectations, just people being together, loving, and being thankful.
    what could be better then that.

  8. I love the mystery menu idea! How fun! And your mummy crafts are sooo cute...much, much cuter than crafts my child usually comes home with, truth to be told. (Hee hee.)
    Good luck with Thanksgiving. I'm sure it will be wonderful, Jell-o and all!

  9. What a great mummy craft! You have always been so creative!
    The mystery menu idea is great. Hey! I need to come to your house! You having a house warming party too?

  10. I LOVE your mystery menu idea! And those mummies are so cute! I'm going to need to remember that for next year. And I love all jello. I'm a little obsessed. I'll probably make several different kinds for Thanksgiving this year.

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  12. Oh, I'm so sorry I missed this looks like ya'll had a blast filled with good food, great fun and some pretty awesome spooks there! Heeehehehe!

    God bless ya and have a fantastic week sweetie!!! :o)

  13. Love your Halloween dinner idea! Very clever.