Friday, February 17, 2012

Science Fair...Winner!

Last week was our school's Science Fair for 5th & 6th Graders.
Shane and his friend did a project on Balloon Hovercrafts

Their project was 1 of 10 Winners!
They'll be taking their project to the District Science Fair!

This picture just makes me laugh. :)
Shane is a fun kid. He can be a real ham sometimes.
And that is my son, who is in desperate need of a haircut. :)


  1. That is really cool! Congratulations to Shane!!

    On a side note: When my oldest was just a little guy and all through his growing up years his goal in life was to "invent the hovercraft" - it was so cute it still makes me giggle.

  2. ha ha, that is a great picture. That there is a Serious Science dude.
    Great job on the win. Lots of hours of work I am sure.

  3. Scientists don't need haircuts! Congrats to Shane!

  4. YAY!!! I love it!
    He totally looks like a scientist!

  5. Congrats to them!

    My son is also going to district!

    And my daughter and her friend are going to regionals (they don't have a district level for their age group).

    So glad my kids are doing so much better in school than I did!

  6. Balloon hovercrafts?! That's so cool!

    Way to go, Shane!