Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving Bloopers~ 2012

So many bloopers this year!
Sadly, I was not the one making them~ so I don't dare blog about them!
I really want to...
But I won't :)
However, here is MY contribution:
Hubby volunteered me to make rolls.
I have had some trouble baking since we moved last year.
Not sure if it's the elevation or the oven...but I am figuring out how to get things to work.
Last year, my rolls would not raise.
I solved the problem this year by using the fireplace...
I fired it up & put the rolls on T.V. trays in front of the fireplace.
Our house was 80 degrees inside~ but the rolls did raise!
It's kind of hard to tell from the pictures~ but I overcooked 1 pan of rolls. Not quite burned, but nearly!
Helpful tip:
If you are in the middle of baking while also cleaning up dinner & working on Christmas projects...
When the timer goes off~ CHECK THE OVEN!!!
Even if you are confused about why the time is going off...
Even if you think you don't have a batch of rolls in the oven...
I dumped these in the trash.
Then I dug them out so I could blog about it...
'Cause "Thanksgiving Bloopers" is becoming a regular feature here!
And I do not want to disappoint.
(Sorry, no Jell-O this year...)
Hope everyone had a wonderful, blooper free Thanksgiving!


  1. I had the same kind of blooper...I bought rolls and wanted them warmed. But, got busy and did not pull them out in time. We had to cut the bottom off to eat them.
    We had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Hope you did as well despite the bloopers.

  2. Oh dear..
    You and I are so alike! I set the timer all the time, and when it goes off... I forget what I set it for~~~LOL!

    We kept Thanksgiving really, really simple this year.
    We actually had a roasted chicken, and all the trimmings.
    Then, on Black Friday, after all the shopping, we all met as a family at Cracker Barrel, and enjoyed a meal together.
    No muss, no fuss, and no bloopers :)

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Such fun... I have left the salt out more times than my husband wants to count. ;)