Monday, May 18, 2009

It's Great to be 8!!!

Or: Shane's Birthday!

Shane turned 8 years old last month. Eight is a very important birthday and he was very excited! His birthday was also the same day as Easter this year, so he thought that was especially cool!

Shane was reading his birthday card from Grandma and Pa and when he got to the part where they had signed their names, he tossed the card down and said; "Blah, blah, blah, I can't read SPANISH!" We laughed so hard! I bet my parents didn't know they could speak Spanish! Ha, ha...He meant to say CURSIVE and realized his mistake after we all busted up laughing.

He requested Chicken & Broccoli casserole for his birthday dinner, and I made him a skateboard cake. It turned out cute, but it was HUGE and most of it didn't get eaten. :(

A few weeks later, Shane got to be baptized by his dad. We had to wait for the font to be filled, since someone had forgotten that little detail. No worries, though. Since Shane is small, they didn't have to fill the font too full...although it was a long ways down for Rick to bend over! (Good thing Rick is short, too!) Everything went well, although I do admit to holding my breath until everyone was standing upright again. Good thing Rick didn't topple over, or his pants didn't split or something else disastrous!

We had a nice program. Emily and her friend Aubrie sang "A Child's Prayer". We had a couple of talks...all short and sweet and just perfect.

Shane looks so handsome and grown up in his new Sunday clothes. He refuses to wear a clip on tie! He wants a "real" tie, just like his dad and older brothers wear. He also is very excited to have a nice, new set of scriptures.

Hooray Shane! Way to CTR!

We love you Shane! Happy 8th Birthday and Happy Baptism Day!


  1. Turning 8 is so much fun! It's hard to believe Shane is that old! I remember when he was in Jill's Sunbeam class talking about his Spiderman underwear! (It was Spiderman, wasn't it?)
    Cute cake. Great pictures!

  2. Oh yes, it was Spiderman alright! And he called Jill "Sister Shanklin" because he couldn't pronounce her last name correctly! At least he stays dressed now, no more running around the neighborhood in Spiderman Underoos! :)