Friday, May 29, 2009

Kalua Pig

What's a blog without a recipe post, or two?
Just trying to fit in here, people. (By people, I mean Connie)

So, without further ado...
My very first recipe post! (applause)

Kalua Pig

1. Several days before, dig a large pit in your back yard. Approximately 7 feet in circumference and 3 feet deep.

2. Wait, What?

3. I kid, I kid...

In all reality, Kalua Pig is cooked in a pit...however I will be showcasing a "knock off " recipe done in the slow cooker.

3 Ingredients, what could be better than that?
You'll need: A pork butt roast, (also called a shoulder blade roast or a shoulder butt roast), Liquid Smoke and Sea Salt (fine, not coarse).
Just a note here, the original recipe calls for Hawaiian Sea Salt, but even after an exhaustive search in every specialty store within a 50 mile radius, I have been unable to procure the aforementioned salt. I am trying to swing a trip to Hawaii so I can purchase it direct. I'll let you know how that works out. In the meantime you can order online. Try Saltworks.
Or, you can search for a store at this cool site I ran across today (Yeah! Guess where I am going next trip to Phoenix?) Find a map of retailers here: Hawaii Kai!

Otherwise, regular Sea Salt works just fine. That's all I've used so far and it is still delish!

Alright, let's get started. If there is a lot of fat, you can go ahead and trim some off at this point, if you want. I use an injection needle to pierce holes all over the pork. You could inject the liquid smoke directly into the meat if you can get the contraption to actually work. You can also use a carving fork to pierce holes in the meat. Whatever you have will be fine.

Now, you are going to sprinkle the Sea Salt on the roast, and then rub it in. If you haven't already injected the meat with the Liquid Smoke, go ahead and pour it over the roast and give it another good rub.

Then, just plunk it in the slow cooker. Cover and cook on high for 10 hours or low for 20 hours. I've done both, and there is absolutley no difference!

After about 8 hours, the meat is cooked. At this point, I usually remove the bone and as much of the fat as I can. I give it a few good stirs with a large spoon and it breaks right up.

I also check the flavor and add more salt or smoke flavoring if it needs it. If my family isn't standing around, drooling with plates in hand, (they usually are) I cook it for another couple of hours.

When you are ready to serve it, you can drain most of the drippings off, just leaving enough to keep it nice and moist. We like it on top of rice and I serve it with "Orange Fluff" salad. The sweet, tangy salad goes nicely with the smokey saltiness of the pork.

This is so yummy, moist and flavorful! My family asks me to make it almost every week.

It also makes a great sandwich filling. Try serving on a nice, soft Kaiser roll. I love leftovers!

I now have the utmost respect for those who have cooking blogs and post detailed pictures and step-by-step instructions. I tried to do that with this recipe...and probably will never do it again! Too much work for me!

I am not a photographer! I guess I won't be starting a Photography Blog anytime soon. I am learning how to take better photos...but you'll have to settle for what I got!

Here's the condensed version of the recipe:

Kalua Pig

1 (6 pound) Pork Butt Roast

1 1/2 Tbs Fine Ground Sea Salt (Hawaiian Sea Salt if you have it)

1 Tbs. Liquid Smoke Flavoring

Pierce meat all over with a carving fork. Rub salt, then liquid smoke over meat. Spray slow cooker with non-stick cooking spray. Place roast in slow cooker. Cover and cok on high for 20 hours or low for 10 hours. Remove meat from slow cooker and shred, adding drippings as needed to moisten.

Try this recipe soon. It really is that good!


  1. You did a great job with this recipe. I like the picture of you putting the salt on the roast. Did you take that with the other hand? Great recipe. I'm getting a roast today and putting it in the crock-pot tonight. Sunday dinner is going to be delicious!

    p.s. So glad I don't have to dig a pit in the back yard!

  2. Yeah, that's what we are having too...again!
    Yes, I took those pictures one handed. Ha!
    Let me know how it turns out for you! You could go all authentic with the pit and everything...:)

  3. I did it! It was delicious. I think I may have cooked it a little long because there wasn't as much "juice" as your picture showed. I bought 2 roasts though and put the other in the freezer. I'll do it again soon and try to keep better track of the time.

    You've inspired me to post a recipe. Not just "cook a weenie" recipe.

  4. Glad you liked it.
    Ya know, I don't have that much juice on mine either, the picture was taken at about 8 hours, so I still cooked it longer. As long as it was good, that's all that matters!
    Hey! You could do step-by-step photo instructions of the weenie recipe :)

  5. That looks fantastic! Stopping by from Hunk of Meat Mondays... Love your site!

  6. Just stopping by from Hunk of Meat Monday. Your Kalua Pig looks amazing. I am going to try it real soon. We often times cook beef and goat in a large hole with lots of coals here in Texas. This will be much easier.
    Thank you for sharing.

  7. Love me some liquid smoke. I don't know what I did before I had smoke all liquified! Thanks for stopping by Hunk of Meat Monday!