Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cookie Confusion

I'm afraid Shane has lived a very sheltered life.

A few days ago, he asked if we had any cookies. These are the sort of thing he is referring to:

I buy these little packages of cookies to pack in his lunches for school. Sadly, they were all gone.

Then, an idea began to head began to pound, my palms to sweat and even though I wanted to stop myself, I surged forward and ...

I blurted out; "We could make some cookies".

Shane stared at me for a moment, a blank, confused look on his face. Then he said; "Sweet! We have cookie dough?"

You see, Shane thinks cookie dough looks like this:

And comes from this:

"We would have to make our own cookie dough", I gently explained.
More blank stares followed. I'm not sure he can quite get his head around it.
Then he asked; "When can we do that?"
Not wanting to commit myself too much, I respond with a vague; "Maybe tomorrow." He was satisfied, and went on to find another, more interesting activity.
But now, tomorrow is today (technically, it's been several todays and tomorrows) and there is no cookie dough in sight.
For now, we'll just have to settle for this...

It's all I got!


  1. Hilarious! Hey, I have a great recipe for white bean cookies! I'm sure Shane will save up his money to buy the cookie dough from the store if he knew you put beans in cookie dough.
    I can't believe he hasn't asked again. Poor, deprived, child!

  2. I know this is an old post, but I was just looking around your blog more and read this. I had to laugh. It is like one of my daughter's friends who is 11. She came over to make brownies with my daughter for a Achievement Day activity treat. She looked around and said, "Where's the mix?" And Elisa said, "We don't use mixes. I have the recipe." "You can make brownies without a mix??" (Imagine her jaw dropped in surprise.) Cute.