Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Last week, my mom celebrated her 71st birthday.
I don't have a good, current picture of her, so this is one from about 7 years ago.
My mom loves to read. It's a passion she passed on to me.
Anytime we went on a trip, even if it was just for a day or two...she would find a thrift store or used book shop to search through. She always would come away with lots of treasures. She used to bring the books home and bake them in the oven (seriously) to get rid of any germs or smells. Not sure if it worked or not, but she does have a lot of old, used books. :)
One of my favorite books, "The Rosary", is such a find. And I am certain it "did time" baking in the oven.
One of my favorite childhood memories is of staying up late on a summer evening, reading with my mom. In my mind's eye, I can still see her curled up in the swivel rocker, engrossed in her book. I can still remember looking up and seeing the white, sheer curtains blowing in the summer night breeze, hearing the crickets chirp outside the window, and being curled up on the couch enjoying being able to stay up so late, reading. I even remember the book I was reading; "The Endless Steppe" by Esther Hautzig.
We also did a lot of camping when I was a kid. I think mom owned all of the "Roughing It Easy" books by Dian Thomas, and she always had something new and fun for us to try; Banana Boats, Tin-foil Dinners and lots of other goodies. We always had a fun time together.
Whenever mom is trying to tell a joke, or recount a funny experience, well...she gets laughing so hard that no one can understand a word she is saying...she just starts squeaking and laughing! And the harder she tries to stop, the more she gets to laughing, until everyone is laughing, yet we still have no clue what the "funny thing" was...her attempt at telling is always the funny part. In fact, whenever she starts to share something humorous, my dad usually says, "Here she goes again" because he knows what's coming...
My mom is very organized...and she is always on time! She and my dad always show up 15-20 minutes early to everything. I don't think she has ever been late a day in her life.
She also has always been a 100% Visiting Teacher. Nothing keeps her from getting her VT done every month (early too, of course). Sadly, this is NOT a trait she passed on to me. I think the only time she may have missed a month was when Curtis was in the hospital after his car accident.
Thanks for a lifetime, of warm, wonderful, happy memories (and lots of wonderful books!)
I love you mom! Happy Birthday

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  1. What a wonderful tribute to your mom. She sounds like a fun mom who has it all together! Hooray for her for doing her visiting teaching...wish she was in our ward!
    I never thought of baking books to kill the germs but I have thought of the germs! Yuk!
    Such a nice memory of staying up late reading. You described it very well.
    Happy Birthday to your Mom!