Friday, July 24, 2009

Look What I Got!

This lovely book arrived in the mail yesterday.
Let me tell ya, if ever there was a day that I needed a surprise in the mail, it was yesterday! And it was not in a BOX, which right now is an added bonus!
I won this lovely book in a giveaway hosted by Susan at Bloggin 'Bout Books.
Can't wait to read it. For now, it's being added to my stack of "books I want to read soon"!
Thanks Susan!!!


  1. You mean you're not going to sit right down and start reading? Are you moving or something?
    Congratulations on winning the book. Glad it didn't come in a B.O.X. (we need to spell swear words)

  2. That is Good mail!! So fun to get something besides bills right!! You'll have to give a book review after you read it.

    I also wanted to thank you for your comment yesterday. Your comment disappeared from my Mango post. I have been having some weird blips on my computer and have lost a post or 2 and comments from time to time but they still show up in my e-mail so I got to read it!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

    Cherie :D

  3. Cherie,
    Computer glitches are a pain! I'm glad I'm not banned from your blog! :)