Thursday, February 11, 2010

What I've Been Up To

The Scream by Edvard Munch
Need I say more?
Haven't we lived here for 6 months already? (Yes)
Then why are there so many boxes still left to unpack? Why? Why? Why?

Last week I made pretty good progress. 20+ boxes unpacked!
I am getting to the home stretch now (I've no idea what that means, exactly).

My current project is the office. I thought I could easily get most of it done today...NOT! I was way over confident on that one. :)
Really, I did get a lot I just have to finish up with the "to be filed" boxes, which can't be unpacked until I get the file drawers cleaned and organized (all the stuff that's been accumulating the past 6 months).

Once the office is done, I have about 6 "odds and ends" boxes that need unpacking (there are probably more...but "6" doesn't cause me to hyperventilate and run around crying for my mommy!)

Then we'll (by we I mean me) be on to the project of unpacking the boxes in "storage". (Fancy word for basement and garage). Not looking forward to that part either...Maybe I'll put a section on my side bar showing how many boxes I've unpacked and how many I have left? Yeah, or not. Wonder how long it would take me to count all the remaining boxes...should I round up or down for the ones that are partially unpacked? Either way, would the resulting number finally push me over the edge?

Have I mentioned I hate moving?
If my husband mentions moving to me again, you will find me huddled in the corner in the fetal position, sucking my thumb and crying...Just sayin'.

What I've learned today:
We have too much stuff.
I am quickly running out of room to put all the stuff.
(Note to self: Summer project: Building shelves in the storage room and the garage).
I thought we had purged most of the junk I found a box full of papers from when I was serving in the Relief Society presidency. Really? Do I really need to keep minutes from Presidency Meeting 5+ years ago? Really???

Did I mention we are running out of room?
Perhaps you missed the part where I said I hate moving/unpacking/blah/blah/blah?

I was going to post a picture of what I look like makeup, hair flat and straight...(I hate my hair!)...It was to be titled, "Have I No Shame?"...and pretty well summed up how I'm feeling right about now...but after 20 minutes of taking self portraits that turned out with me looking either angry or stoned (of which I was neither). I gave up.

My work here is done.


  1. I hate packing and moving and unpacking too! My husband says that every other load ought to be hauled to the D.I. and no one would ever miss it! Come say hi :D

  2. The one good thing about moving and packing/unpacking is that it is a good time to sort through things and hopefully rid yourself of some stuff.
    The picture says it all. Good luck!

  3. First off, throw those minutes from your presidency meetings away! There, doesn't that feel better? The next thing to do is leave the boxes and go get a cupcake and chocolate milk...I'll go with you.
    It's not easy. One time when we moved, we discovered the movers had dumped the contents of a trash can in to a box! I knew exactly what to do with that!
    Good luck!

  4. Can I just say that I LOVE YOU????? You are so hilarious!
    I'm sorry you have to continue to unpack....kinda like the human packing version.....
    You need someone like me.....I love to throw things away! I have no heart or sentimental value to things.
    Things own you. You have to touch them, pay for them, dust them, MOVE them, .........ya, I don't do stuff.
    Hope you get that self portrait posted cuz I would love it.
    If I was near I would bring a casserole and then help you throw stuff away!

  5. I understand how you feel! I don't like moving or packing or unpacking. Hope it all gets done faster than you think. Just make sure you turn up some music and have fun with it! Good luck.

  6. Moving is on the of hardest, stress filled things ever. SO hard to pack and unpack. I KNOW.
    When I moved up here I really downsized. It about killed me, but realized I didn't NEED all the things I was holding onto. Had to be selective. So hard.
    You'll be done soon ----then can take a sigh of relief and enjoy your new place.
    One. Little. Box. At. A. Time.

  7. I have only really moved once in my married life. I have not accumulated alot of thing s yet so I was unpacked and picture hung in one day!!!!

    So sorry that it has taken you so long. I do not look forward to any moves in my future!

  8. Heaven Help ya! I know right where your at. I should be in our basement right this moment going upacking the last of our boxes from moving into our home 9 months ago. Yikes! It has been almost a year. Well, I better get to it. First, I think I will head over to Connie's house for a cup of Chocolate milk and a cupcake!:)

  9. I hate moving too. Take a break and go get Connie. Everyone needs a cupcake. Anyway have fun. I need to go downstairs and purge a bunch of crap myself.