Friday, February 19, 2010


Our house in AZ has finally sold. We signed the docs this week. It's been on the market for over a year!

Seeing the completion of the sale is a HUGE relief to us! :) But, I still feel a little sad. I loved this house! I miss it! I miss the hibiscus in the front yard. I even miss the darn quirky little cactus! I miss my neighbors, the Paxtons. (Hi Nancy!) I miss the double ovens and the granite counter tops! I loved this house!!! :)

What I don't miss...4 1/2 bathrooms! My kids (Shane) used every bathroom in the house, everyday! I also don't miss dusting all that beautiful stair railing. And the black widows! We had those darn things everywhere, don't miss them at all!

Just for fun, here's a little peak at the house. There are some pictures and a virtual tour (I got a little teary-eyed when I watched the tour!). I don't know how long the links will stay active, since the property is sold...but for they are:
Arizona House (link no longer active).

And, I have some other things I am really excited to Blog about, inspired by Cherie's latest "Wayback Wednesday" installment. I've been spending lots of time looking at old pictures and quizzing my mom about details of dates, times and places! :) So fun! Thanks for the prompt, Cherie!!!

But for now... Happy Weekend everyone!


  1. It is hard to leave a place that has so many memories of love and even bad times, great neighbors and...a DOUBLE oven! :) I want one someday. It's a beautiful home. i love the deck. But I hope that you will fall in love with your new place and make tons of new wonderful memories there!

  2. YAY, what a relief that must be eh. Do you like you new place in Utah??
    no fun cleaning bathrooms!!!

    I hope you are making new friends and getting settled.

  3. Valerie I can see why you got a little teary - It is a gorgeous house...the kitchen alone is a WOW!!

    Why did you have black widows? Are Black widows something you have to deal with in AZ?? Ick I would not miss those either!!

    Congrats on the house sale - I am sure it is a huge relief to get it sold and move on!

    Have a happy weekend :D

  4. Oh my gosh.. That house sold for $200.000?? That would be like $500.000 in Utah!!

    I'm thinking..don't be excited to see my bathroom redo. It's the size of your shower. Seriously.
    My bedroom is probably the size of your bathroom. ha-ha

    Your home was GRAND and lovely. Did you have to move here for a job?

    LOVE the ceiling in the bedroom. So pretty with all of the trim.

    Happy that the house is sold. I hope that a weight has been lifted. :)

    I hope your weekend is fabulous after such great news!!!

  5. What a gorgeous house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, I would have had more than tears!
    Right now with the cold, blah gray days, I almost tried to climb through my laptop into your virtual house!

    Glad you were able to sell it. Has to be much less stressful.

  6. What a mixed bag of emotions! Your house was/is beautiful! That sky sure looks hot though - woo - and I bet you wouldn't see any autumn leaves on that cactus! It's a good think you're in Utah. Who wants to live in Arizona anyway? (boo-hoo)

  7. A beautiful home..seems like it should sell for even more! But life goes on and going on is good isn't it?! We sold once and I missed my roses for a long time! Come say hi :D

  8. Congratulations!! I can't believe it took that look to sell that beautiful home!! I can imagine feelins would be bittersweet! But I'm glad you're in Utah. Besides, AZ doesn't have cupcakeries, do they?? :)

  9. it is hard to make a change, and when I get nostalgic it is even harder. Good luck in your new adventures! Where will you be now?

  10. I sure hate cleaning bathrooms! But I do like warm Arizona weather... and cupcakeries.

  11. Oh I missed the tour.... I love virtul tours, so fun!!!