Thursday, April 22, 2010

What I Wanted to Say

Some things in my heart that I do not have the words to express right now.

So go here:  Cherry Chocolate Cake to Help Amy to learn more.
This story is about my sister-in-law, Amy.
My heart is aching...there are no words. 

Please note:  To my knowledge, the bank account has not been set up yet.


  1. Valerie, I am so sorry to hear about this huge trial in your family. I will definitely go to the bake sale and buy goodies! If I get time, I'll also bake something and donate it. And I'm about to post it on Facebook too. I've organized fundraiser bake sales before for a friend's baby's hospital bills and always received such love and support. I hope it will be the same with this one. And since c jane posted it, I'm sure it will. I'll keep her and her family (including you) in my prayers.

  2. Valerie,
    I'm glad you let us know about the fund raiser. I hope it goes well and she has a miracle in her life. We can sure pray for miracles.
    Take care, my dear friend.

  3. Thank you for sharing that story. It is heart wrenching.
    My prayers for that sweet family.
    Hugs to you as well.

  4. Valerie, I am so sorry about your sis-in-law. She sounds like a wonderful person. Best wishes.

  5. Amy is your sister in law??
    My Best friend used to live in Santaquin.. and knew her. She has been so bummed.. and I know she wants to try and make it up there this weekend.

    She had NOTHING but praise to say about Amy. What a wonderful Woman and Mother that she is.
    Your lucky to be related and know such a woman.

    My thoughts are with you and your family... XO

  6. Valerie,
    My heart weeps for you and your family right now. You are in my prayers.
    Love you. D