Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Nine Years Ago...

Nine years ago, Shane was just a baby!  And a cute one at that!  He was my fussiest baby, though. He was a terrible sleeper and a terrible eater!  Good thing he was not my first, or he may have been my only! :)

Yesterday was his birthday.  How time flies! 

Then: (at about 6 months)                


Shane is a fun, funny kid.  He loves sports and is very athletic.  He loves basketball and baseball.  He also is an awesome skateboarder and he loves to swim too!  He also has natural talent for tumbling/gymnastics. 

Shane still likes to cuddle, maybe that's because he's the youngest?  He likes me to lie down by him at night until he falls asleep.  Every night he tells me, "Goodnight, I love you, see you in the morning....I love you more than anything in the world, even Pluto and all that stuff!"  He has also made it clear that he does NOT love me more than oxygen.  Sometimes I like to tell him I love him more than anything in the world too...except for glazed doughnuts!  (Or some other wacky, obviously not true item). 

For his cake, he chose "Better Than S*x Cake... (we usually call it Snickers or Skors Cake... a double entendre?) Shane has been calling it "Sexy" Cake.  When grandma asked him what kind of cake he was having, he replied; "I'd rather not say".  Funny kid!  (And, the cake didn't turn out right...darn it!)

We had Chicken Broccoli Casserole for dinner (no surprise there).  Happy to report, no blood was shed, but the left-overs are all gone! 

Happy birthday to one sweet, fun, loveable boy! 


  1. I was wondering what to fix for dinner. Chicken/broc sounds delish!

    Happy Birthday to the handsome man!!! 9 years???
    Man I hate when the years FLY!

  2. He's 9 years old? I remember when he was wearing his spider man underwear around the neighborhood! Was it on the outside of his pants or just the underwear? He's a real cutie!

    Happy Birthday Shane!

  3. Just the underwear, Connie...just the underwear!

  4. He sounds like a very sweet boy who definately LOVES his mama!!!
    We are kind of the same with our little cabooses. There is just something special about them - maybe it is because they are the last ones, or we are older and more patient and have more time to give, but those last kids are so wonderful.

    I can tell you are enjoying your boy and I hope he had a very Happy Birthday!!

    I am cracking up about the better than Sx Cake!! ha ha

  5. Happy birthday to your cute guy.

  6. LOL Love the double entendre! Happy birthday to your boy!

  7. Sounds like a fun kid! I say go grab some cupcakes to celebrate his birthday! :)

  8. What a sweet funny kid! Happy Birthday cute stuff! 9 is such a fun age...ENJOY!

  9. What a cute boy! He chose an exceptional cake for his birthday to!! Love that cake.
    Have a great day.

  10. I hope he had a great B-Day!! I am thrilled no blood was shed at dinner. That is always a good thing.