Friday, October 8, 2010

And...The Answer Is?

Does this help clarify?

Of course!  He was hiding "gold" for his action figures to find!  What's a knight if he doesn't have some hidden treasure to look for?  Shane would hide the gold and the action figures (there may have been some combat dudes, a cowboy and a Rescue Hero or two in on the hunt as well, although there was no sign of Spiderman.) would have to find them.
Now I know why I keep finding gold wrapped bouillon cubes scattered all over the house!
That kid has one great imagination! 


  1. Ah-ha! Great imagination!!
    And, you can look at it like food storage..... putting some bouillon away for a rainy day :)

  2. That is seriously cute! Definately some creativity going on in that boys mind!

  3. I had a feeling the gold had something to do with it! At least he's doing something fun and imaginative!
    See you tonight!!!!

  4. That's great! And I love how you made it into a cliff-hanger post for us. :)