Monday, January 24, 2011

Chocolate Chip Cookie...Cupcakes!

I made these cupcakes last week.
I saw the recipe a while back at Kevin and Amanda and knew I wanted to try them!

The recipe is pretty easy.

Most of my cupcakes turned out pretty good:

But a few turned out like this:
I'm not an accomplished enough baker to know why. Altitude perhaps?
No worries, I had plenty that did turn out!
And...just like my last cupcake experiment~ I had lots of cake batter left over. Really...lots! 

 (I have a few pictures that look like a freaky alien face~ I left those out!)

I found a few of these...frosting caps?
My family obviously does not like frosting.
Poor topless cupcakes!

The cupcakes tasted really good. Be warned~ they are pretty rich!
I made them for an object lesson for our Family Home Evening last week.
(Feasting on the Scriptures/Hidden Treasures)

Here's what we liked even better than the cupcakes...
The leftover cookie dough! The recipe contains no eggs, so it is safe to eat.
I kept some in the fridge and I froze some. I really liked the frozen ones!

 I have another recipe for "raw" cookie dough that I am going to try this week.
I'll let you know how they turn out & which recipe we like best.

(P.S. Two basketball games down with no embarrassing incidents! Things are looking up!)


  1. They sound yummy, they look yummy adding them to the list of recipes I want to make.

  2. That frosting is so prefectly pretty! We have a raw cookie dough recipe we eat too. :)

  3. Some serious yumminess factor going on!
    Beautiful photos too. I almost smelled them I'm pretty sure.

  4. My daughter and I and the grandgirls made cupcakes just tonight!!
    Not quite as lovely as yours however, as we let them do the frosting and decorating.

    I giggled at your story below about "are you pregnant" funny.
    I wonder if the PlayBoy Bunnies ever get asked that (tee,hee), big boobs and all

  5. Topless cupcakes? Well, I guess that saves on the calories.
    Looks like a good recipe. I love some good refreshments for FHE!

    So are you saying, that little girl is no longer at the basketball games?

  6. Ok.. how far away do you live from me? Seriously.. oh my delish.
    I kinda wanted to lick the screen.
    For real.

  7. See, now I'm at home, it's late, I'm hungry, could totally go for something sugary, and I just spent five minutes oggling the pictures of your cupcakes. I think this is wrong on some level. :)

  8. This is NOT good for my diet!! BUT YUM!!