Thursday, January 27, 2011

Places I Should Avoid

I had to run a few errands last week.
Had to get a birthday present for my nephew.
He loves dinosaurs, so I found this cute little Triceratops at Toys R Us.
I may have spent a little too much time looking at toys there. But I exercised amazing restraint and only purchased what I went for. 

I also wanted to get a dinosaur of course I had to to go Barnes and Noble.
I already know that I should avoid book stores!

 Found the perfect book...I might go back and get myself a Triceratops! I think he is so dang cute!

I was doing fine in the bookstore...I looked at a few books but then put them down and headed for the children's section.
That's when things got a little dicey!
I love children's books!!!
First book that caught my eye was "The Kissing Hand" by Audrey Wright Penn. I have these on my list to purchase~ but not right now. I contemplated...picked it up and looked at it...set it back down...walked away.
Came back...thought about it some more.
Nope! Not today!

Then I found the paperback section.
Oh my!
This is the alternate dinosaur book I had picked out.
I guess I accidentally forgot to put it back!

Then there was this little book. I used to sing this song to Shane when he was little.
"I Love You a Bushel and a Peck" from the musical "Guys and Dolls".
I didn't know it had been made into a children's book~ so of course I had to buy it!
Shane is still young enough that he'll let me read stuff like this to him.
He did roll his eyes at first~ but then he got right down on the floor with me as I read to him.
Fun memory for us!
(He was my fussiest baby, so I sang to him A LOT!)

This book also caught my eye.
I read it last night. To myself!
It's really a cute little story.
Maybe I can get Shane to read it with me.

I have boxes and boxes and boxes of books sitting in my garage, waiting to be unpacked.
I love books!!!
Maybe I should just stick with the library from now on?


  1. Those look like great books!
    I LOVE books. You can never go wrong with books.

  2. I am with you. The book store is dangerous but OH SO WONDERFUL!!

  3. Cutest gifts!!!

    I am kinda obsessed with childrens books as well.. and I LOVE the kissy hand. I have never seen the Bushel and a peck. I am for sure going to have to add that to my future list! :)

    Glad you had fun shopping!

  4. Of all the things to spend impulsively on, I think books are one of the best!

  5. I love books too! And, even though I have a kindle, I am still a REAL book lover!
    I think giving the gift of a book is a wonderful gift! A forever gift :)
    Have a great week!

  6. I LOVE childrens books too and I too could spend hours in B&N bookstores! Cute things you bought! :D

  7. Sounds like you are aware of your addictions. That is the first step. :)

  8. We are so much a like. I go to the library every Saturday. I love children's books.