Monday, February 7, 2011

Optical Illusions

Optical you like them?
Can you see the illusions?
Some people can't~
Optical illusions are sometimes used in brain injury rehabilitation~ especially if the the patient has vision problems such as depth perception or problems discerning field/foreground.
Curtis has vision problems from his car accident. He has learned to adapt really well! In fact, I'm amazed at how well he has been able to learn to live with this disability.

Can you see the old woman?
Can you see the young woman?

Do you see a man's face?
The word "Liar"?
According to Wikepedia:
•An optical illusion (also called a visual illusion) is characterized by visually perceived images that differ from objective reality. The information gathered by the eye is processed in the brain to give a percept that does not tally with a physical measurement of the stimulus source. ...

•the use of shapes, colour, and line distortions which trick the eye and brain. When viewing confusing images, our brain can sometimes interpret visual information and cues incorrectly,or at other times our brains fill in the missing pieces.

Sometimes, our brains can play tricks on us!
Cherie has a great blog, Bakow Babble  that most of you probably already read.
A while back, she posted about her word of the year.
And then she posted a cute word strip under her header...
So cute! So clever!'s misspelled! (Go ahead, go look again and then come right back, okay?) Bakow Babble...
So...I figured she would eventually figure it out. 
Then, I was reading this blog: Meanwhile Back at the Gusty Ridge Ranch and Keely posted the word strip that she had made for Cherie...
It was misspelled there too!!! (Alright...go take a's the link to the post...Gusty Ridge Ranch)
ACK!!! (Cherie and not freak out!!!) :)
Still, I figured someone was bound to figure it out!
I contemplated kindly mentioning it to Cherie...but decided not to.  (Good thing!)
I decided just to ignore it!!! But every time I read Cherie's blog...there it was! This giant, misspelled word!!! I couldn't ignore it! It wouldn't go seemed to get bigger and bigger every time I visited her blog!!! (Edgar Allan Poe ish?)...
A few days ago, I was reading blogs when Emily came home from work.
She sat down and asked me what I was doin'.
Seeing my opportunity, I quickly pulled up Cherie's blog and asked Emily;
"Do you see anything wrong on this page?"
"No, Mother. It looks fine to me." (Her calling me Mother should have been the first clue!)
"Really? Nothing?" 
She looks again.
"Nope, nothing. Nothing wrong here. Nopeity. Nope. Nope." (Okay, she didn't really say it like that~ I'm taking some creative liberties here!)
"Ha! That word is misspelled!!!" (I point to the word on the screen)
" What do you think it says?" (Warning! Danger ahead!!!!)
"STRENGTH" (clearly misspelled, I think to myself)
"Mom, that word says STRETCH."
So...I am wondering if Keely will make me a cool word strip? But first I have to change my word of the year from CONNECT to
(What do you mean I misspelled it?)
(And my brain still tries to read that word as Strength!!! Maybe I need vision therapy?)


  1. OK that's funny.

    You are not an idiot or idiet (is that Apple's version of a diet aid?)

  2. I didn't do a word of the year.

    I'm feeling sorta dorky that I didn't.

  3. Tauna~ glad that you got I was trying to misspell idiot. It totally looks like I Diet. Ha!
    I wasn't going to do a word of the just sorta...happened.

  4. ha ha! That is great. Optical illusions ... funny how our brain works and sees things. :-D

  5. Sorry for laughing but that was a fun story to read and something I totally would have done.

  6. Your word of the year is connect? SO IS MINE!!! Do we totally rock, or what?
    You're too funny! You little IDIET you!
    Ever since my detached retina, I can't look at the, pictures that are all different colors and you stare it them for a long time then the picture jumps out at you, pictures. They just don't work. It is amazing how our eyes and brain adapt.

    So, you ready for another ladies' day out?

  7. Too funny about Cherie's blog.
    I had seen the old/young woman one before.. but not the Liar. Awesome.

    Love your word.

  8. Ha. That is funny. I thought it said stench. (oh no that is my word)

  9. OK Valerie I have just had a super long and very tiring day. Thanks for waking me up and making me laugh out loud. In fact, I am still just laughing laughing and now my family is in here reading this and laughing too.
    SO FUNNY!!!

    You had me going to look at my blog to see this giant misspelled word - ha ha!!

    You are great and I LOVE optical illusions. I hadn't seen that one of the young lady/old lady since I was in high school.

    Still laughing!!

  10. Very interesting..I could see both things in both pictures easily. I think we tend to see what we want to see don't you?! ;D

  11. alrighty, i was TOTALLY panicking. i was certain i'd spelled it right, but since i made her wordstrip on a sleepless night there was definitely the possibility i'd screwed it up. so i HAD to double-check our blogs! lol. :) thanks for the laugh.

  12. LOL... Thanks for the giggles. I really needed them this morning.

  13. So funny! I think our brains tell us to look at things certain ways and we can't change it unless we work super hard!

  14. Oh, dang it! My word verification was just misspelled!

  15. Strength.. stretch.... it all means the same,right? :) I do that so many times! Loved your cute post :)

  16. so funny....cause I thought the very same thing at first...until I LOOKED.
    I wonder how many things in life we kinda miss because we didn't LOOK.
    or LISTEN
    you get my drift.

  17. it's a great calling. and now that there is no more ward activities committees left, RS planning committee's THE calling to have, in my book! (2nd best only to YW.)

  18. Too funny! I really believed that it was spelled wrong and I never noticed.