Sunday, January 8, 2012


“The witness of the Holy Ghost,
As borne by those who know,
Has lifted me again to thee,
O Father of my soul.

I know that thou art in thy heav’n.
I know the Savior reigns.
I know a prophet speaks to us
For our eternal gain.

My eyes are wet; my heart is full.
The Spirit speaks today.
O Lord, wilt thou my life renew
And in my bosom stay.

As testimony fills my heart,
It dulls the pain of days.
For one brief moment, heaven’s view
Appears before my gaze.”
~Loren C. Dunn

Today was a fabulous Testimony Meeting. Not anything special other than Pure Testimony being shared. And that really is something special, isn't it?

(Want to know more about what I believe & Bearing Testimony? Go here: Testimony)


  1. That is the third time I've read that today. The first was before church today as I flipped open the hymn book and read the words to it. Then we sang it in our ward. And now here. The part that speaks to me today is "As testimony fills my heart, it dulls the pain of days" and the rest of that final verse. Beautiful message.

  2. I love this too - "As Testimony fills my heart" - My favorite line.

    I am so glad that Testimony meeting was this week and not last week :-D

  3. Thank you for sharing. It was a great day here too. I love when I feel like prayers are being answered through anothers testimony.

  4. Oh sweetie, this truly touched and spoke to my heart. 'Just beautiful.

    Thanks for takin' the time to share.

    God bless ya and have yourself an awesome week!!! :o)

  5. testimony meetings are kind of a favorite of mine.

  6. Ah...beautiful hymn. I love hymns.

  7. I didn't realize this was a hymn.
    One we don't sing enough for sure.

    I LOVE it.. and the picture with it.. and I LOVE testimony meeting.

    LOVE it.

  8. I've never heard this poem before - I love it. So beautiful. Pure testimony is a pretty amazing thing.

  9. I love this too! I even had a peaceful wonderful testimony meeting this month as my toddler was asleep on my lap!

  10. 'Just droppin' by to wish ya a great day sweetie!

    God bless ya!!! :o)