Thursday, March 15, 2012

Making a Difference

I've mentioned before that my dad is a member of the American Legion. This great organization provides countless hours of service to the community. Have you ever attended a funeral where Military Rights were performed? You have the American Legion to thank for that.
Right now, the American Legion of Utah is asking for our help~ they are supporting a contest that is being sponsored by Home Depot, and will benefit the Utah State Veteran's Home.
Please go to Click on the "Aprons in Action" icon to be taken to the voting page, and vote for the Utah State Veteran's Home You can vote every 24 hours now through March 31st.
Won't you please help us out?


  1. voting now! They performed at my Hubby's Uncles funeral a couple of years ago. It was much appericaited.

  2. I meant, appreciated...was going to correct my spelling error but clicked enter instead.

  3. Absolutely I will! Anything that helps honor veterans has my vote.

  4. a very worthwhile cause for sure
    I'll have to go over there and put my vote in

  5. On my way faster than a pack of dogs on a three legged cat, girl!

    My dad who pass a little over a year ago was a Vet. and they provided us with at beautiful Military service.

    God bless and have yourself a magnificent day!!!

  6. They've got my vote!!
    Wonderful organization!

    Wanted to mention that I like your header too, and the call to awareness.

    Just wanted to invite you to read and follow me at my new blog (the old one is staying private, just for fam.).
    Click on my name next to this comment , and it should take you right to the new blog.

    Hope to see ya soon... Kerin
    always fixin' never sittin'