Friday, April 6, 2012

I Looked Out the Window...

And what did I see?
Popcorn popping on the



OK, technically it's a crab apple tree that is pretty close to blossoming...
And this morning is covered in SNOW!

I guess that changes my idea for the beautiful Spring post I had planned.
The fruit orchards near us are starting to blossom and the greening hills are swathed in pink and burgundy patches of flowering trees. So beautiful bathed in the morning sunrise.
(Technically again, it was 9 AM and cloudy...but that's not very poetic, is it?)
Hopefully I'll still be able to snag a picture in the next day or two.

Either way~
Happy Spring?

Happy Easter!


  1. I couldn't believe when I saw it either. Well, in actuality I am not surprised. That's Utah's spring for ya!

  2. Sheesh... you certainly got another dose of winter didn't ya?!!

    Well.. maybe this will be it and things will warm up, and those trees will blossom.

    Have a wonderful Easter!

  3. That is horrible. Yuck!

    But I hope you have a really Happy Easter with your family Valerie!

  4. I looked out the window to see the same thing. Can't believe that we are getting snow before Easter.

    Happy Easter!!!

  5. It's crazy! I have been so COLD today!

    Looking out my window to a skiff of snow was not my favorite thing to wake up to!

  6. I love how the trees look so beautiful in their blossoms in the spring. When I lived in West Jordan, I had an apricot tree and an apple tree. Each that produced the most spectacular blossoms every spring. gosh, I sure miss that. that here. Too cold for fruit trees.
    All I have so far is my pussy willows.

  7. Spring in Utah = sun then snow then sun again. I love all of the blossoming trees everywhere, but my eyes are itching like nobody's business.

  8. I wanted to cuss that morning that it snowed! Oh well, it was back to sunshine and flip-flops today. :)
    Blossoms on trees are one of my favorite things about Spring!