Thursday, March 4, 2010

Q & A

Wherein I attempt to answer a few questions from my previous post, in the most random, choppy way I can! (Cupcakes and outhouses and spiders???)

First things first... An Old Fashioned Girl

Of course there are cupcakeries in Arizona. Ever heard of Sprinkles? Anyone? Anyone?
I never had a cupcake there, because my cupcake obsession didn't really start until just before we moved...but really picked up steam once Camille someone introduced me to a couple of local Utah bakeries.

This is a picture of our bathroom now. Okay, just kidding...but if you want to see a stunning bathroom makeover, go here:

We moved to Arizona in 2005 for a job transfer. I cried. Alot!
We lived in Gilbert, just a few miles south of the Mesa Temple.
After a few years, when the move looked to be permanent, we decided to buy a new home, closer to Rick's work.
The week we signed closing docs on that house...Rick was given the opportunity to come back to Utah...

It was a hard decision. I cried some more! We decided to accept the offer and then the company drug things out for over a year. Yay!

We finally moved back to Utah in August, 2009! That's where we are now...for good, I hope!

We had to do a short sale on our house, that's why it took so long. The housing market in AZ is terrible! Home values have dropped drastically, that's why the house was so "cheap".

In the last five years, we have lived in 2 states, 4 cities, 4 houses and been in 5 different wards!
It's been CRAZY!!! No wonder I'm a little stressed, eh? (I picked up a Canadian "accent" from Curtis' neuropsychologist...that just means I say "eh" a lot now!)

And yes, there are lots of black widows in Arizona. In our last house, in was a more rural area, plus the home had been vacant for several months. So, we had lot of crickets and black widows. The widows would spin webs all down the sides of our house, off of patio furniture, anywhere they could find a suitable place. Every few days, "we" (Rick) would go out and stomp the spiders and knock the webs down. Widows are nocturnal, so we'd have to wait until evening to get rid of them.

We also had lots of crickets...yuck! I only saw 2 cockroaches the whole time we lived in Arizona.
Well, except for the roach infested hotel we stayed at in 2005 while we waited to close on our house. Now that was a hotel! Yeah, we left once we discovered the roaches.

Is that it? Did I get everything? I had more that I wanted to say...but it will have to wait for another post...another time. (Just a couple of A-ha moments I've had recently pertaining to uh...menopause/stress/life!)

For now, I'm headed to do some more unpacking/organizing...because after 5 years I am sick and tired of all these boxes!!! (We never finished unpacking from the initial move to AZ, because Curtis was in a car accident and after that, nothin' got done! :)


  1. OK black widows - ICK!! I really wanted to know the answer -Now I know I will never live in Arizona!!!

    You guys have really gotten around - I hope you get to settle down, unpack and enjoy life in one place for awhile :D

  2. have moved around...hope things get settled now! Yuck to the black widows..hate them! Come say hi :D

  3. Oh Valerie.. you are sooo nice to post about my bathroom. That was so sweet. ~ Especially because after I saw your nice and spacious one in AZ.. mine looks kinda pitiful.

    I have yet to try a cupcake place but I want to! -- I just know it's going to be dangerous!

    I can't imagine having to move so much. You are a trooper! ~ At least you get to meet more friends huh!

    I have family in Gilbert..Mesa.. Alpine.. and some of my roots are from there... I need to plan a trip for next January down to AZ so I can escape the COLD!

  4. sister just finalized a short sale herself in AZ! Crazy at what's happened there with homes. Glad you were able to do that though!!!!

  5. I love seeing how I influence people! :) you gotta admit though, they ARE addicting! (but oh so delicious!)
    pros and cons to moving! But Im glad you're out here :)